Walt Disney World theme park operating hours extended from April 11

Mar 26, 2021 in "Operating Hours"

Posted: Friday March 26, 2021 11:19am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today extended the operating hours at Walt Disney World theme parks into the second and third weeks of April 2021.

Updated calendars today have extended the hours at all four theme parks from April 11 - 17 2021:

  • Disney's Hollywood Studios is increased by 2 hours, moving to a 9am opening and 8pm close.

  • Magic Kingdom is increased by 1 hour, moving to an 8am opening.

  • EPCOT is increased by 4 hours, moving to an 11pm close.

  • Disney's Animal Kingdom is increased by 4 hours, moving to an 8am opening and an 8pm close.

Provisional operating hours are also now available through June 12 at all four Walt Disney World theme parks. Although very likely to change, the hours released so far carry on from early June.

You can view the most recent updates on our calendar.

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MansionButler8414 days ago

DHS is once again closing at 8 pm through 7/31. We will see if MK gets its morning hour back and DAK gets its evening hour back. Wonder why they shortened Epcot and DHS only to extend back to status quo.

TransportationGuy15 days ago

That has historically been around the right timeframe for a major corporate group convention that has been known to do an MK buyout

havoc31516 days ago

Boo bash is an after-hours event, not a “party” that starts at 6.

Hockey42716 days ago

Yet that date still closes at 9 so it’s probably something else

WeloveDisney0819!!16 days ago

Boo Bash is set to start August 10, while I realize its not a party, it is still an event, was just interjecting, clearly I was off base. Thanks have a great weekend!

havoc31516 days ago

I was going to ask the same thing. That sounds like a party closing… but no parties are returning that soon afaik.

Hockey42716 days ago

Any idea why MK closes at 6 on 8/14?

wdwmagic16 days ago

Hours for second week of August https://www.wdwmagic.com/calendar.htm

MansionButler8418 days ago

Still could extend.

meekoman18 days ago

I haven't seen anything said about the hours for the 4th of July. The hours for the parks are the same as any other day. I'll be at the studios that day and it closes at 7 pm. I would have thought that the hours would have been extended for sure that day.

bhg46923 days ago

We are moving down in June, while the parks aren't really on our agenda yet, we are definitely waiting on the Epcot after 4 annual passes to come back. I really hope those are available soon. World showcase is gonna be our evening walk more often than not.

Parker in NYCApr 25, 2021


MansionButler84Apr 24, 2021

But the airflow!