Operating hours updated for Summer 2017 at Walt Disney World

Apr 26, 2017 in "Operating Hours"

Posted: Wednesday April 26, 2017 11:02am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has refreshed the operating hours calendar for Summer 2017 at Walt Disney World.

Most parks have seen an increase of at least an hour each day, along with the addition of nighttime shows.

This summer is a busy period for Walt Disney World, with several big openings taking place.

Pandora - The World of Avatar opens May 27 2017, and with it comes hours of 8am to 11pm, with morning EMH 7am to 8am, and evening EMH 11pm to 1am.

At the Magic Kingdom, the new nighttime spectacular Happily Ever After debuts May 12. Rather surprisingly, the Magic Kingdom hours rarely extend beyond 10pm close in June and July.

Disney's Hollywood Studios continues with 9:30pm close throughout the summer, with a single performance of Fantasmic! most nights, joined by Star Wars A Galactic Spectacular.

You can view all the park hours on our constantly updated unofficial Walt Disney World operating hours calendar.

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RumrunnerMay 13, 2017

Do not understand why MK closes at 10 PM in June-that is too early for the price charged for tickets. It would be a bit fairer for patrons if that was 11 PM. and could enjoy the evening cooling. Sorry just seems cheap to me to close so early.

UncleMike101Apr 27, 2017

We were there.... The crowd started to get huge in the early evening so we retreated to Epcot for the rest of the day.

yaksplatApr 27, 2017

For all parks on all days. Not this twice a week stuff.

Kevin_WApr 26, 2017

Were you there? It was awful. Absolutely awful. No, I wasn't but I can believe that. I was there a week later when MK closed at midnight or 1AM every night with EMH until 2AM. So this is a ~15-21% reduction in hours from 2 years ago. I'd assume it's because of the late nights over in AK and the staffing is needed over there. But I'd think they would benefit by drawing the crowds over 2 parks instead of 1.

CaptainAmericaApr 26, 2017

It is. Were you there? It was awful. Absolutely awful.

Kevin_WApr 26, 2017

A couple years ago, MK was open for 24 hours on Memorial Day. This year, it closes at 10PM. That's disappointing.

yaksplatApr 26, 2017

EMH should be daily for all resort guests.

yetiApr 26, 2017

Would it be safe to assume that they haven't scheduled the last two weeks of August and that's why HEA is going dark then? Seems weird that they have it starting up again in September.

wdwmagicApr 26, 2017

Daily though July 4 for evening EMH in Pandora. Latest hours at http://www.wdwmagic.com/calendar.htm

monothingieApr 26, 2017

@wdwmagic is that legit that AK has daily EMH through July 1? It looks that July 1 is the cut off for this schedule update.

wdwmagicApr 26, 2017

Just not scheduled yet.

Coaster LoverApr 26, 2017

We're going in early August... seems hours across the board are shorter than the same period in 2016 (except for Hollywood Studios, but instead a late night EMH that was available in 2016 is not available in 2017)... is it likely that they will be extended as we get closer to that period or is what we see now pretty solidly what it will be in 3 months?

p3fApr 26, 2017

Nice. Anyone know what's up with the AK fall schedule? They don't have any activities on the "official" calendar yet past September 1st. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/calendars/animal-kingdom/2017-09-01/