Operating hours extended at all four Walt Disney World theme parks during March 2021

Feb 25, 2021 in "Operating Hours"

Posted: Thursday February 25, 2021 7:32pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has extended the operating hours at all four Walt Disney World theme parks during the first half of March 2021.

The updated hours include later closings up to 10pm at the Magic Kingdom, 11pm at EPCOT, 8pm at Animal Kingdom and 8pm at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The 8pm closing on March 12 and 13 is the latest we have seen at the Studios so far this year.

You can view the updated hours on our Walt Disney World operating hours calendar.

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BaconPancakes6 days ago

Guess a certain someone won’t be cruising anytime soon. What a pity...

LUVMCO7 days ago

I just noticed when they extend hours they also open up more dining reservations later in the evening. Just an FYI for anyone planning and not able to get reservations on the first go around.

RSoxNo17 days ago

And where are you going for COVID guidance?

LUVMCO9 days ago

Yes that is the policy.

Bullseye19679 days ago


Jrb19799 days ago

Ones who are vaccinated fortunately.

LUVMCO9 days ago

Yes that is what they announced. I believe Royal is going to attempt to sail out of the Bahamas and St Martin, and that will be open to Americans.

Polkadotdress9 days ago

It also looks like the DCL cruises will be for UK residents only.

LUVMCO9 days ago

I'm waiting for Japan to open up. I have a trip planned in December and then hopefully a river or Baltic cruise in Europe next year. It looks like DCL is going to start sailing out of the UK this Summer since the CDC won't allow cruises here.

Nunu10 days ago

Our borders remained closed for six months (March-Sept 2020). We can travel international now, as long as we comply with both local and foreign destination requirements. Worldwide conditions need to improve for international travel to become available for everybody. Hopefully, soon.

LUVMCO10 days ago

My state has never had quarantine rules, but it still doesn't mean I can travel to another country. Until restrictions are lifted everywhere it going to make international travel difficult. As far as the international trips I have planned it hasn't changed anything for me. I'm still doubtful they will happen this year. It would be good for WDW if international travel was possible.

MisterPenguin10 days ago

I don't need the CDC to tell me what to do. I have my own mult-billion dollar lab and tens of thousands of unwitting test subjects to help me judge the dangers of whatever contagion is out there and the efficacy of proposed vaccines and safety measures. I've determined that all on my own.

Nunu10 days ago

It does affect our ability to visit. We (international travelers), have to abide by both sets of rules, the ones from our country of origin, and those from the country we want to visit.

LUVMCO10 days ago

International travelers have their own rules from their own countries. It may not affect their ability to come here. The only travel shamers I’ve encountered are on this forum. Social media is a free for all.