Christmas week operating hours updated for the Walt Disney World theme parks

30 days ago in "Operating Hours"

Disney has updated the operating hours calendar for Walt Disney World to include longer hours for the Christmas week.

In what is likely to be the finalized hours, we see an extension of hours at all four parks, including earlier openings and later closures.

The Christmas holiday week is December 20 through to December 30 with the following hours:

  • Magic Kingdom will open at 8am and close at 10pm
  • EPCOT will open at 10am and close at 9pm
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom will open at 7am and close at 7pm
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios will open at 9am and close at 8pm

So far New Year's Eve continues to be a non-event, with regular hours so far with no extension.

In contrast to last year, Magic Kingdom was operating from 8am to 12am, EPCOT 9am to 9:30pm, Disney's Animal Kingdom 8am to 9pm and 11pm, and Disney's Hollywood Studios 6am or 7am to 10pm.

You can view all of the updated hours between now and the first week at January on our operating hours calendar.

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Article Posted: Oct 24, 2020 / 11:38am ET
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LastoneOn5 days ago

Ah The Cake. Ok. Didn't see it in person. Pretty wild.

Flynnwriter5 days ago

How about they keep the dream lights but take three days to install and three days to take down. Crane goes away in between

Kamikaze5 days ago

Sure, but it won't get you 8+ seasons and three+ shows on History.

Kamikaze5 days ago

What a terrible idea. That boat looks awesome. (Is that better? No, it isn't.)

ThatMouse5 days ago

It would have been classier if they just used to regular pontoon boats and not try to make it look like a sleigh lol!

Sirwalterraleigh5 days ago

This is a really cool idea

Sirwalterraleigh5 days ago

I actually liked it...just saying

raymusiccity6 days ago

I'm waiting for the film adaptation! 😁

Magic Feather6 days ago

Is the holiday BGM loop being used on Main Street the daytime loop or the party loop?

Rteetz6 days ago

Riviera is now decorated too.

mnelson36 days ago

Wishful thinking I know, but maybe MK could return MWC the week of Christmas right? After them testing the MWC projections after hours and then last nights test, I could see them doing a unannounced thing like that, surely they wouldn’t want to encourage guests to book up MK that week for that reason, Which it’s probably already booked up anyway lol. I can also imagine the amount of fans who would be devastated they missed out lol. But that’s bound to happen if rumors are true that when fireworks do return they won’t be every night. I’d also guess limited capacity and it becoming a major headache for APs to get park reservations.

castlecake2.06 days ago

Epcot tree is up