Walt Disney World operating hours extended in early April and first look at June hours

Mar 19, 2021 in "Operating Hours"

Posted: Friday March 19, 2021 11:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is following the pattern of extending the operating hours at Walt Disney World theme parks a couple of weeks out with updates today for early April 2021.

Updated calendars today have extended the hours at all four theme parks from April 4 - 10 2021:

  • Disney's Hollywood Studios is increased by 2 hours - moving to a 9am opening and an 8pm close.

  • Magic Kingdom is increased by 4 hours - moving to an 8am opening and 9pm close.

  • EPCOT is increased by 4 hours, moving to an 11pm close.

  • Disney's Animal Kingdom is increased by 4 hours, moving to an 8am opening and an 8pm close.

In this update we also get a look at the hours for the first week of June at all four parks. Although very likely to change, the hours released so far carry on from late May.

You can view the most recent updates on our calendar.

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arich354 days ago

Patiently waiting for hours for December so we can actually make plans. Hopefully they are out before 60 days

TransportationGuy6 days ago

As aforementioned, always an issue but currently under control(ish) due to the charter buses whose contracts just got extended again. I suspect they’ll be around through at least the end of the year

MansionButler849 days ago

We will be there 9:30a-10p next month, which is actually longer than in days of yore for us. We avoided MEMH there because it made that park unbearably crowded. So it was always 9-9 for us. 7:30 at DAK will be painful….but worth it for FOP.

dreday39 days ago

Personally I love a 10 am opening at Epcot. Kind of a forced sleep-in day for us! :D

MansionButler849 days ago

Bus staffing is an issue. The hours they are giving us is the most they will give. Once they get the busing situation under control, they’ll revert to 9-9 instead of 10-10.

doctornick9 days ago

Is the bus driver staffing still a big issue? I’d guess it is and is probably the biggest factor needing to have Epcot’s opening staggered compared to the other parks. I hoping that they are able to achieve proper (pre-pandemic) bus levels at some point in the future and return Epcot to an earlier opening. interesting question: when and if Epcot opens at 9am, will they just open WS at that time (even if all the stores/restaurants aren’t open)? Or will they still have it blocked between France and Norway?

dreday39 days ago

I saw that. Those AK hours are great! Our October dates it's still closing at 7pm. I'm assuming it's open later just on those days because of the Anniversary, but I pretty much am crossing everything possible for 8 or 8:30 closings at AK for our dates too!

BoardwalkGlenn9 days ago

I was checking park hours for my upcoming trip and noticed some extensions to park hours. Wed 9/29 MK: 9am-10pm (was 9-9) Fri 10/1 MK: 8am-10pm (was 9-9) EP: 9am-10pm (was 10-10) AK: 8am-8:30pm (was 8-7) Sat 10/2 MK: 9am-10pm (was 9-9) EP: 9am-10pm (was 10-10) AK: 8am-8:30pm (was 8-7)

celluloidAug 07, 2021

9am will return post pandemic and once the front of the park is loaded with E tickets again. Probably after renovations and Guardians opens.

JohnDAug 06, 2021

Well, they just went to 10:00 which is closer to 9:00. Also, we keep forgetting this, but a park reservation does mean that capacity is limited to a point. Maybe it's no longer 40% but higher. But I highly doubt park reservations let capacity reach anywhere near it did prior to the pandemic.

CaptainAmericaAug 06, 2021

That's my point. If they're not even going to 9am to absorb the Rat crowds, what could ever possibly drive them to do so?

JohnDAug 06, 2021

Why would you say that? Operating hours were just extended from 11am to 10am "for the first time in forever". It seems like anyway.

CaptainAmericaAug 06, 2021

We're never going to see 9am Epcot again are we?

RSoxNo1Aug 01, 2021

I am anticipating 10 AM openings to be the next shift.