Operating hours extended at all four Walt Disney World theme parks for the first week of 2021

Dec 18, 2020 in "Operating Hours"

Disney has extended the operating hours at all four Walt Disney World theme parks for the first week of January 2021.

The updated hours include earlier openings and closings, adding as much as 3 hours to a day at the Magic Kingdom. The impacted dates are January 1 to January 9 2021.

You can view the updated hours on our Walt Disney World operating hours calendar.

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Article Posted: Dec 18, 2020 / 4:20pm ET
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Tuvalu1 day ago

Disney Jr is open.

disneygeek901 day ago

As someone who has been to the parks dozens of times since the reopen, I’m not looking forward to this anytime soon. The parks already are feeling a bit too crowded covid wise. I don’t think we need to be relaxing masks or distancing until everyone who has wanted a vaccine has it available. We’ve made it this far, we can certainly deal with these restrictions a bit longer. Sure Disney wants the money, but at least they are operating safer as it stands now.

Touchdown1 day ago

Stop spreading lies! Sweetums is a monster and a monsters (just like movie stars) are not people.

TrainChasers1 day ago

Muppets does involve a human actor. (Unless it’s a secret... shhhhh).

LUVMCO1 day ago

We went to Universal in August and all the shows were running. Jason Bourne was wearing a mask.

LUVMCO1 day ago

We saw this on our last trip. My son was a huge lightening fan when he was little. We both commented on how much he would have loved this 10 years ago. He still thought the technology was pretty cool.

Touchdown1 day ago

Lightning has no actors either. Since someone mentioned that abomination I figured I would mention Frankenstein’s monster (Vacation Fun) and the only great show playing in the park (Frozen is fine, but not a must do.)

LUVMCO1 day ago

I've only seen the Indy stunt show.

GoofGoof1 day ago

I consider Muppets more of a “ride“ than a show since there are no human actors involved. I think it’s keeping the performers safe as well as guests.

Touchdown1 day ago

And Mickey’s Vacation Fun, Muppet Vision 3-D

CaptainAmerica1 day ago

Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy is running as well.

GoofGoof1 day ago

Fantasmic Indy Stunt Show Beauty and the Beast Disney Jr Jedi training academy Star Wars Launch Bay Little Mermaid (I think that’s closed for good) Wonderful World of Animation All of the meet and greets too I think the only show back is the Frozen sing along thing.

LUVMCO1 day ago

What shows?

LUVMCO1 day ago

They plan on keeping the reservation system through 2022. I would hope the distancing thing goes away, but you never know what they have planned and how this is all going to work out. The park pass really doesn't do the same thing as fast pass plus. With fast pass plus you were guaranteed three rides with minimal wait and then after that long lines and impossible wait times. With this system you never know. We went to AK Saturday MLK weekend and waited an hour for FOP we went back on Wednesday and walked on three times. I can tell you from what I've experienced on my two trips wait times are all over the map. You can show up at a ride and it's an hour wait and then 45 minutes later its 20 minutes. It's like working in a hospital during Covid you get surges, it goes away and then it comes back.