Operating hours extended for many days in March, April and May

Jan 16, 2015 in "Operating Hours"

Posted: Friday January 16, 2015 10:26am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The operating hours for the Magic Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom have been extended for many days throughout March, April and May 2015.

If you've been planning based on the originally released hours, you should revisit the calendar to be aware of the changes. Magic Kingdom has seen the most extensions, with a good number of days operating from 8am to 1am, and lots of Main Street Electrical Parade additions. Inparticular, the middle of February is looking to be extremely busy, with a week of very long hours, including 7am morning EMH.

Disney's Hollywood Studios has seen a lot of hour extensions and additional Fantasmic! shows.

You can see the latest updates on our easy to use calendar.

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wannabeBelleJan 16, 2015

<3 Marie

docdebbiJan 16, 2015

does this annoy anyone else as much as me? i work really hard on my schedules based on opening and closing times and when the shows will be. then a few months before, they change everything, and i am scrambling and changing things. has happened to me a lot. i understand that it saves money to base hours on bookings at hotels and only be open longer when the need arises, but you would think they could look back at prior trends and schedule based on them and then stick with it !! customer happiness matters too. unhappy visitors don't return! - well..... ok.......I will, but I mean OTHER unhappy customers ;)

francois gauthierJan 16, 2015

maybe but on the official website there have different info who have that good info

FutureCEOJan 16, 2015

I wonder what middle May looks like? never mind found it: I thought it was just the refurbishment schedule

Nemo14Jan 16, 2015

Steve has reliable sources.

francois gauthierJan 16, 2015

where did you see that because on the official disney website there different operating hour vs your listing