First look at Disney World's operating hours for July 2021

26 days ago in "Operating Hours"

Posted: Friday April 16, 2021 5:52pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today released the provisional operating hours at Walt Disney World theme parks for July 2021.

Updated calendars today do not show any significant changes during May and June (they were heavily modified last week), but do offer hours through to July 3 2021.

The Disney World hours released today are from June 27, and show a decrease of 1 hour per day compared to the prior week at Magic Kingdom, Disney's Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios. EPCOT retains its usual 11am to 9pm hours.

However, it should be noted that the initial release of operating hours are usually provisional and likely to be extended. The July 4 week is one of the busiest of the year, so we should at least continuation of the earlier June hours.

You can view the most recent updates on our calendar.

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Parker in NYC17 days ago


MansionButler8419 days ago

But the airflow!

CaptainAmerica19 days ago

It was absolutely hysterical to me the way Mears was "socially distancing" the Magical Express buses when EVERY SINGLE PERSON in line for the bus had just spent three hours in a freaking airplane, packed next to strangers.

Armerius19 days ago

but still open at 11 am =/

MansionButler8419 days ago

Epcot will now close at 10 pm this summer.

LUVMCO22 days ago

So true...and what about the pools? No masks, no social distancing, 12 people in a hot tub. People were literally crawling over each other at AA ticket kiosks at MCO. I did come across a few people at the resort that wouldn't get on the elevator with another party. OK that's fine then step out of line or better yet take the stairs. How the heck are you going to ride tower of terror and why are you there? Go home. A drunk guy fell down in one of the resort restaurants we were eating at and several people jumped into help him up. A couple of strangers helped him back to his room. It was nice to see because in August I helped a dad pick up several objects that had fallen out of his stroller and someone actually yelled at me not to touch it. Humans need social interaction and I agree with you people are over it.

Amidala22 days ago

This is good to know, thank you! I'm in a similar boat, have family visiting May 13-17 and was only able to get Epcot and DAK reservations. Was really hoping to get my mom on Rise for the first time so fingers crossed DHS reservations refresh.

wdwmagic22 days ago

The hours refresh happens on Fridays

Armerius22 days ago

im checking like 4 times a day hehe.. hoping.

MansionButler8422 days ago

It’s all outdoors, I guess. I agree, it’s arbitrary. In the end, you can’t open a water park with masks. So they made up rules to allow for it.

Amidala22 days ago

Well, I think with Splash, the idea is that the company is covering itself just by announcing the decision to switch it over. The "when" of it doesn't matter so much as the public acknowledgement & assurance that change is on the way. Of course, I'm sure there's been internal discussion about this for years & timing ultimately came down to when an announcement like this would please more people than it would anger. So, to me that's less an example of hypocrisy and more just.....cold corporate calculation, if that makes sense. Oh I agree, but I still don't really understand BB as an exception to that rule.

MansionButler8422 days ago

I think it is more an issue of indoor spaces and concern that, if they allow guests to take masks off outdoors, they won’t put them on when entering a building. I expect a softening of this stance as we move through summer.

tpac2422 days ago

I completely agree with this last statement! I think they do that with a ton of issues. Splash being one of them. The entire it is racist and insensitive but not racist and insensitive enough to shut down immediately highlights that.

Amidala22 days ago

I think the biggest hypocrisy is both WDW and UO opening their water parks (where masks are not required) and then expecting guests to take mask policies seriously at their other parks. How are guests expected to feel safe while unmasked for a majority of their day at BB when masks are required everywhere else? I'm personally in favor of keeping mask policies and social distancing in place and gradually softening them over the course of the next few months, not abruptly doing away with them overnight. But IMO there needs to be a clear stance from Disney: Either it's safe to spend a day at the park without masks, in which case you should be in no more danger at Epcot than you are at BB. OR it's unsafe across the board in which case water parks should remain closed. It really just highlights the fact that Disney doesn't actually care one way or another & is just doing its best to please people on both sides of the issue.