Park hopping remains available today despite all parks being at Park Pass capacity

29 days ago in "Operating Hours"

Despite all four Walt Disney World theme parks being at Park Pass capacity for today, park hopping is still available at all parks from 2pm.

Both My Disney Experience, and the information phone number at 407 560 5000 confirm park hopping is in operation for today. This is of course subject to change as demand dictates, and it is worth checking on specific days over the next couple of busy weeks if you plan to park hop.

The latest Disney Park Pass availability calendar shows all four theme parks at capacity from March 12 through to March 20 2021.

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Article Posted: Mar 12, 2021 / 2:26pm ET
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DisneyDreamer082 days ago

I haven’t been during the pandemic but I watch a lot of YouTube videos 🤣 It does seem like wait times are usually inflated. I’m wondering if that is to account for a random cleaning cycle. Like the posted wait time is worst case scenario should you hit a cleaning cycle.

hosekiller3 days ago

I only make it down here every couple of years, so I don’t know. But today and yesterday, most, but not all rides were running about half of the posted time. People are freaking when they see the length of the lines, but you almost never stop moving. For example, the line yesterday for 7 dwarves wrapped almost 360 degrees around the “mountain” at 8 am, with a posted wait of 70 minutes. I was off the ride in 30-35 minutes. It’s pretty crazy haha, and the story was very much the same today at Hollywood Studios. Slinky dog was posted at 70 minutes, we were walking off the ride at around 40 minutes. Swirling Saucers had a posted wait of 25 minutes and it was walk on.

EPICOT3 days ago

I've been wondering if this was the case. Are wait times usually inflated across the board?

hosekiller3 days ago

We were in the parks yesterday and today. Most wait times are about half of what’s posted.

Kobe!!3 days ago

And the other options.... (lol...)

arich353 days ago

Those wait times today when I checked were crazy. Hoping in a month it won't be nearly as busy

Touchdown3 days ago

1. Buy a park hopper 2. Book a reservation for another park 3. Go to said park in the morning 4. Hop to the MK at 2pm

Kobe!!3 days ago

So what’s the trick to get into Mk on 4/25... 😅

DCBaker3 days ago

According to the park capacity recording, Blizzard Beach is at capacity this afternoon and is not admitting new guests.

uncle jimmy12 days ago

Thank You!

Tuvalu12 days ago

Yes the walk up window is closed due to Covid protocols.

uncle jimmy12 days ago

I'm confused @durangojim is the walk-up window closed because of covid? When I was there in Feb 2020 (pre-covid) there is a walk-up window for ice-cream.

jkh3661912 days ago

They really screwed up Beaches and Cream.

JoeCamel12 days ago

Remember what that 35% is a percent of. A normal pre covid day with full shows, hotels open, entertainment would have about the same people or up to 50% of capacity. The 35% is NOT 35% of a normal day.