Disney World's operating hours extended during December 2021 at Magic Kingdom and Disney's Animal Kingdom

Dec 06, 2021 in "Operating Hours"

Posted: Monday December 6, 2021 11:06am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Operating hours have been extended at Walt Disney World during December 2021 at two of the four theme parks. (View the latest calendar)

At Magic Kingdom, select days have been moved to an 8am opening from an originally posted 9am, along with an increase in the number of 10pm closes.

At Disney's Animal Kingdom, most days December 19 though 25 have been extended from the original 9am opening to an 8am opening, and to an 8pm close from 7pm.

No changes have been to EPCOT or Disney's Hollywood Studios hours.

In this latest update, operating hours are now available through February 15 2022.

Check the latest calendar update to see all of the changes.

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Sirwalterraleigh27 days ago

I agree with you and their strategy is distasteful on an obvious kinda level (not your fault)

peter1143527 days ago

Maybe it’s too early and im not fully awake yet but I don’t know exactly what you’re trying to say here.

rct24727 days ago

Probably has to do with two things: things to do and maintenance. Not everything is brought back to fill a long day. By the end of the day, when most shows are done and no fireworks to keep people, it becomes both cost savings and staffing fixe. I mostly think it's maintenance though for Rise. They continue to see downtime. The longer hours are, the less time they have to work on it perpetuating the issue.

Sirwalterraleigh27 days ago

I believe it’s a combination including cost accounting of staff Yep…that’s a stinker. the concept that they ever set 12/26 at 9-7 is just silly…but here we are with “extensions” I don’t enjoy pointing out the parlor tricks…it’s just been a non-stop parade of them for 5 years

ToTBellHop29 days ago

I know. And that was an exceptional case. Usually DHS is excluded from hours extensions because…reasons.

DCBaker29 days ago

With the latest hours update, DHS was at least given an extra half hour 12/19 through 1/3 - opening at 8:30 now.

ToTBellHop29 days ago

Why will they extend other park hours regularly but almost never extend DHS hours?

peter1143529 days ago

It’s mostly staffing. Usually park hours are set based on forecasted park attendance and staffing levels are set accordingly. Currently forecasted staffing levels are being used to determine park hours and park pass caps.

RSoxNo130 days ago

The swing is a bit too extreme for it to be staffing IMO.

JoeCamel31 days ago

They may not have the staff to add. If they worked them hard over Thanksgiving week they may need to have more off after to make up for the extra hours expended during T-week so less available to draw from?

RSoxNo1Dec 15, 2021

Can someone enlighten me on how dynamic the park reservations system is? During Thanksgiving week, the parks were more crowded. The week after, while there were lingering crowds the parks were less crowded. On some of the days on the week after Thanksgiving, all park reservations were filled. Let's say they're operating at 50% (I believe the number is higher than that now, but for purposes of this argument, let's say that's the number). Wouldn't that number be relatively fixed. If it isn't fixed but is a function of staffing, isn't the reason for the park reservations to improve operations? Wouldn't they simply add staff when park reservations are starting to fill up? It absolutely appears that 50% one week doesn't mean the same as 50% another week.

m steveDec 15, 2021

Yes, it's rather aggravating that Disney took it away and gave us a poor substitute.

raymusiccityDec 15, 2021

EMH was really memorable when the park was open till 1am !

peter11435Dec 15, 2021

Yep. Although attendance this year will be significantly less than it was then.