Walt Disney World theme park operating hours extended from April 18

12 days ago in "Operating Hours"

Posted: Friday April 2, 2021 11:45am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today extended the operating hours at Walt Disney World theme parks into the later weeks of April 2021.

Updated calendars today have extended the hours at all four theme parks from April 18 - 24 2021:

  • Disney's Hollywood Studios is increased by 2 hours, moving to a 9am opening and 8pm close.

  • Magic Kingdom is increased by 4 hours, moving to an 8am opening and 9pm close.

  • EPCOT is increased by 4 hours, moving to an 11pm close.

  • Disney's Animal Kingdom is increased by 4 hours, moving to an 8am opening and an 8pm close.

Provisional operating hours are also now available through June 19 at all four Walt Disney World theme parks. Although very likely to change, the hours released so far carry on from early June.

You can view the most recent updates on our calendar.

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Bullseye19673 days ago

When we were there in Jan/Feb the parks were open 45 minutes to an hour before posted opening times.

BaconPancakes3 days ago

How earlier can you get in the parks before the posted time?

LUVMCO3 days ago

Think of it as a day to sleep in. The rides start running around 10.

raymusiccity4 days ago

It's a shame that guests won't be able to experience Pandora during nighttime hours, or barely full darkness at Hollywood Studios. So much has been invested in new lighting packages, but, maybe by the Holidays ?

legwand774 days ago

Capacity may not be capped by then

ParksAndPixels4 days ago

Yeah us too. Our biggest change was pushing a reservation for yak & yeti later in the day. Other times were fine :)

ParksAndPixels4 days ago

Yes, was watching yesterday but got reservation time we wanted early this AM. :)

Clamman734 days ago

I think with hours announced through June this fits in with idea things “open up“ July 4th and fireworks will start then...they’re waiting to do a more grand announcement.

Hcalvert4 days ago

Some of that availability opened up this morning. I had to book some dinner reservations for Animal Kingdom for June and was able to.

TransportationGuy4 days ago

I would feel pretty confident in saying that the shows would be staggered given the current Disney Transport situation. Having them at the same time would not only create extended wait times, but also create a need for more drivers/equipment (most likely contractors at this point) which would amount to a lot more expense than WDW wants to take on

pixie2254 days ago

Checked my restaurant reservations yesterday- no extended hours were up. Just checked now- they opened up new later reservations (AK Rainforest cafe for example)Yay!

John Hendershot4 days ago

I think they have 11 am opening because of limited staff and very few part timers to fill in the gaps in scheduling for 9am. With 11 am - they can cover park hours with 2 shifts of full timer cast without the need for part time to cover breaks, evenings, mornings. Once they get part time cast back to work (starting to happen now) I think early openings will happen.

ParksAndPixels4 days ago

Happy to see Hours extended. Visiting first week of may as well. Watch for new availability for restaurants in evenings. :)

CJR4 days ago

I'm curious if they're going to do something at MK on July 4th this year. It sounds like they might at least run HEA since capacity will be able to be capped.