Walt Disney World's MagicMobile rolls out to more guests and first impressions of using it in the parks

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After initial testing with a limited number of guests earlier this month, MagicMobile is now available for all visitors to Walt Disney World's theme parks.

Disney MagicMobile service is billed as a convenient and contactless way to access MagicBand features like theme park entry through the power of your iPhone, Apple Watch and coming later - Android devices. Most features are available by just holding up your smart device near an access point, just like you do with a MagicBand. You can choose to use Disney MagicMobile service or a MagicBand, and can alternate between the two for added flexibility. 

In our testing over the past week, the MagicMobile works exactly as expected. It is as fast to use as a MagicBand or card, and it appears to have 100% reliability in our tests. Perhaps the best compliment that we can give MagicMobile is that it works EXACTLY like a MagicBand, but all from the convenience of not having to carry out anything in addition to your own devices.

Especially convenient is that on both iPhone and Apple Watch, the device does not need to be unlocked. You simply hold the device up to the touch point and it authenticates.

MagicMobile is not currently available at the parking lot booths, but Cast Members there have told us that it is going in the near future. 

Current functionality includes:

  • Enter theme parks (with a valid theme park reservation and valid admission)
  • Connect Disney PhotoPass images to your account
  • Gain access to the virtual queue for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance
  • Coming soon – charge to your Disney Resort hotel folio during your stay

You can read more about setting up MagicMobile in our earlier guide. Disney MagicMobile service requires iOS 14.4 or later and watchOS 7.3 or later.

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Article Posted: Mar 30, 2021 / 7:26am ET
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donsullivan30 minutes ago

Does anyone know if this is ready for Rise of the Resistance boarding pass redemption yet?

BaconPancakes1 day ago

Can’t wait to use my Apple Watch as a magicband!

raymusiccity2 days ago

Nice to see that they'll be rolling this out to us lowly Android users later this month! 🤗

GrumpyFan2 days ago

I would assume this as well. But, I'm not sure how many people realize this, especially those who are accustomed to just using the MagicBands. Disney's web-site for it says the following: Simply hold your iPhone, Apple Watch, or other smart device near an access point when entering the parks [URL='https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/faq/my-disney-experience/use-magic-mobile/?CMP=ILC-DPFY21Q2wo0325200014A']or using other available features[/URL], just like you do with a MagicBand. With Express Mode on iPhone and Apple Watch, guests do not even need to wake or unlock their Apple device, or open up the app, to use their Disney MagicMobile pass. As a reminder, valid park admission and a park reservation are required for park entry and must be linked to your account. [/QUOTE]

cmb50022 days ago

Great to hear. Now I just have to hope they eventually expand to Fitbit. As it stands, attaching the magic band puck to my watch is still more convenient. Stinks that I'll have to buy a new one every 2 years to retain ride photos, but maybe they'll get it added to all smart watch systems before that happens.

DCBaker2 days ago

donsullivan4 days ago

Interesting. While I don't stay on-property all that often as a local, I've never received cards but my last stay was in Sept, 2020 before they stopped sending MB's

flutas4 days ago

I actually got cards mailed to me about 2 weeks ago for my upcoming trip. Then magicbands after that (ordered). Surprised me to see them shipping cards.

muteki4 days ago

This was forever ago I think and probably a tickets-only transaction but I have gotten cards in the mail. I just assumed that is what would happen if I declined the 5$ fee they now ask for the bands. Either way, I think I'll be stopping by the front desk as I'm not sure she will appreciate the phone fumbling every day on the way in.

donsullivan4 days ago

I’ve never seen them send cards through the mail the way they did Magic Bands. You should be able to get a card for your tickets and room admission at any Guest Services location or your resort front desk throughout the property? If you‘re admission tickets are showing up in MDE, they’ll be able to issue physical cards easily for you at no charge. Then, if you want to purchase Magic bands, you can do that.

muteki4 days ago

I haven't been back in a couple years but have a trip coming up next week, didn't order magic bands and was expecting cards instead. So it being so soon and nothing in the mail I called to ask what to expect and was told I was supposed to use my app instead and I thought "ok". Some googling later and here I am with an Android phone and no tickets :P Luckily SO has an iPhone that we will try and sort out but I think WDW skipped a step...

durangojim5 days ago

As far as I know we didn't have to do anything. I have "allow app to refresh in background" set under settings on my iphone but I didn't open the app before the ride.

Surferboy5676 days ago

Interesting, you didn’t have to do anything? Keep the app open in the background? Did it just automatically link up with your pass in Apple Wallet? I know you have to enable bluetooth but besides that is any action required? Besides picking which photo is yours of course.

durangojim6 days ago

We experienced a test that Disney is doing where they show you a number of on ride photos from your app and ask you to chose the correct ones of you and your party. My son and I were both wearing Apple watches and this was on slinky dog.