PHOTOS - MyMagic+ MagicBand passholder edition unboxing

Mar 25, 2014 in "MyMagic+"

MagicBands are now being delivered to annual passholders after an extended test period involving only Walt Disney World resort guests. We've got a detailed photo gallery showing you exactly what passholders can expect in their package.

Disney is not sending out bands automatically to passholders, and you will need to register with the 'My Disney Experience' site or app and order your MagicBand. Options at order time include color, name to be printed on the band, and delivery address which must be in the U.S.A. The bands are shipping in around 10 days after ordering, with delivery being made by USPS, UPS or Fedex.

First thing to note is that the packaging has been customized for passholders, with no signs of The Incredibles that cover the box for the resort guest MagicBands. Instead, the blue box features Mickey wearing a MagicBand, and 'PASSHOLDER' glowing along the front side of the box. It seems that Disney has really tried to taylor this to passholders and to make it special.

Opening up the box, the MagicBand takes center stage, perched atop a gray platform, again with the 'PASSHOLDER' text prominently displayed.

Underneath the gray platform you will find your Passholder 2014 MagicSlider, which you can attach to your MagicBand to let everyone know you are a passholder if you are so inclined.

Inside the package there is also the passholder discount card that can be shown to receive passholder discounts, and where included, parking entitlements. Ultimately, both of these will be part of the MagicBand system and will not be required.

So there you have it, passholders are now fully onboard with MyMagic+, with nearly the same entitlements as resort guests. You can read more about exactly what you can and can't do at our MyMagic+ FAQ. Click the photo gallery for all the photos.

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Article Posted: Mar 25, 2014 / 11:09am EST