Disney Genie digital assistant coming to Walt Disney World in 2020

Aug 25, 2019 in "MyMagic+"

A new digital assistant is planned to debut in late 2020 that will enhance the way you plan for and experience a trip to Walt Disney World Resort.

According to Disney:

"Disney Genie will make planning easier and more fun by providing customized itineraries geared to your interests, right at your fingertips – from a royal, princess-themed day at Magic Kingdom Park to a trip around the world at Epcot for foodies and even a perfect day for thrill seekers. Certain features of Disney Genie will also be available through your preferred travel professional.

Sometimes you may know exactly what you want to do, but may not know the best time or order in which to do it. You’ll be able to tell Disney Genie what you’d like to experience, and it will quickly evaluate millions of options to present you with an optimal day. And best of all, it’s flexible! If you change your mind for any reason, Disney Genie will re-optimize your day.

Disney Genie can also send you real-time tips and updates, including recommendations for experiences it thinks you’ll love, helping you navigate the theme parks with added convenience and comfort. If you don’t want to worry about making reservations in multiple steps, Disney Genie will even take care of that for you."

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Article Posted: Aug 25, 2019 / 3:02pm ET
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MurphyJoe14 days ago

So it's another point of attack / informational source for touringplans with their itinerary optimization then? Doesn't quite surprise me in the least.

_caleb14 days ago

What makes it a ”behemoth?”

Magic Feather14 days ago

I've recently been under the impression that this is meant to compliment MDX, not replace it.

tirian15 days ago

They usually draw the symbols in the castle courtyard and light the blue flames around 2 am. You just have to be there at the right time.

tirian15 days ago

Option 2. More Disney tech that won’t work! Hip-hip-hooray!

MisterPenguin15 days ago

Choose the turkey leg tour of WDW!!

89P1315 days ago

Sooo, with no fatspasses or entertainment around the parks, this is an all new dining reservation app?

homerdance15 days ago

Still coming, I honestly wish they would just fix what they have instead of bringing this behemoth to the already glitchy app/website.

nickysSep 02, 2020

Thought people might like this: https://touringplans.com/blog/2020/09/02/new-introducing-lines-2-0-what-to-expect/

creathirSep 02, 2020

Honestly, for an information type portal that Touring Plans is, React Native is probably more than suitable. It works well for countless big companies (Facebook being the biggest) and frankly unless you are doing something super specific (like your AR stuff) the advantages a fully native app brings are pretty small.

lentestaSep 02, 2020

For what we want to do, it makes more sense to use one codebase for both platforms. There's not that much difference (for our app) in platform capabilities these days, so the expense isn't warranted. I love the idea of React Native. I think the debugging tools are a couple of generations from where they need to be.

flutasSep 01, 2020

As a native mobile dev: Ewwwwwwwwwwww. As someone who knows how much my company charges per developer: This is probably a good platform for you, since I doubt you have the budget to pay for multiple full time devs to pound out bugs year round on 2 versions of the same thing.

FigmentFan82Sep 01, 2020


lentestaSep 01, 2020

It's the new app. This first release will concentrate on bringing over existing functionality. It's built on a modern platform (React Native) and will allow us to do some interesting things going forward. ETA: If you haven't seen it, here's our summer intern's project to add in-park navigation through 2D maps and augmented reality to the app. It's rough, but it showed it's doable.