Hands-on with the new smartphone charging lockers at the Magic Kingdom

Apr 25, 2014 in "MyMagic+"

The new unattended smartphone charging lockers are now in operation at the Magic Kingdom, and we've got a hands-on report of exactly how they work.

There are 6 charging lockers located in the Space Mountain gift shop, and 12 charging lockers in Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe. This is a limited test, so should things work out, expect to see a lot more when the system is fully implemented.

To get started, you swipe any credit card in the reader. The service is free, but uses your credit card as a unique ID to essentially be a key to the locker. Once the card is swiped, the kiosk asks for the type of device that will be charged. There is a choice of Apple Lightning, Apple 30pin, or generic USB. 

After making the selection on the touch screen, one of the locker doors opens, and is indicated with a green light. You place the device inside the locker, and plug in the appropriate connector. The light turns red to indicate that the locker is in use, locked and is charging.

The locker turns green when the device is fully charged, although you can remove it at anytime, or leave it for longer.

To retrieve your phone, you swipe the credit card, and the door opens, allowing you to remove your device. 

The service is extremely handy for those of you who are heavy on use with your phone, and of course rely on it for My Disney Experience. If you do not wish to leave your phone unattended in the locked kiosk, you can also use the USB charging outlets or the 110v outlets in Storybook Circus, or at the Fantasyland Tangled restroom area.

Just a couple of final notes about the service. It is free, and there appears to be no time limit of how long you can leave your phone inside. The lockers are big enough to accommodate a phone, but will not take anything like an iPad, or possibly even the large format phones.

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Article Posted: Apr 25, 2014 / 1:16pm EDT