Pal Mickey support to end this week

Sep 22, 2014 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Monday September 22, 2014 10:06am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Support for Pal Mickey, the original interactive guide at the parks that was introduced in 2008, will be ending this week.

From September 27 2014, the plush Pal Mickey will no longer work at Walt Disney World. Pal Mickey uses a series of infra-red transmitters around the parks, which is now an aging technology, and has mostly been replaced with RFID as part of MyMagic+.

Using the infra-red locators positioned around the parks, Pal Mickey shared location aware timesaving tips, fun facts and jokes.

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asianwayDec 30, 2014

Typically when "support ends" it means when it breaks it won't be fixed, so I think your info is solid

mimitchi33Dec 30, 2014

I remember these dolls! I still have mine.

dstrawn9889Dec 29, 2014

nah, pal mickey is getting stuck calling everyone 'hawk' and sending them to 'the one place that you can always check the day walt died'

EOD K9Dec 29, 2014

You mean you don't want a Pal Anna or Pal Elsa??

wdwmagicDec 29, 2014

The info came from a well placed source at Disney. If it hasn't happened already, it is just a matter of time.

MissMDec 29, 2014

There were rumors years ago that the next version would be Pal Pooh because apparently Pooh is second to Mickey in popularity. Production though was supposedly tied up by a lawsuit between the Milne family and Disney over rights and usage.

MKCP 1985Dec 29, 2014

Coming soon: Pal Duffy. (not really) I hope not, anyway. On the other hand, Pal Duffy, the official tour guide of Walt Disney World, would probably move a few more units. Forget I said anything. :D

MissMDec 29, 2014

Interesting! Thanks for the report. I considered bringing my Pal to see if any of the sensors still worked so now that I know they do, I think I'll definitely have to bring him again. :D

216bruceDec 29, 2014

If I run with him during race weekend in a few days will he give me mileage and pacing times? Motivational sayings? Seriously, We have one and I just may take him for wandering in the parks...for old times sake.

NoelGypsyDec 29, 2014

Just wanted to let you all know that Pal Mickey STILL WORKS in the Parks. I was just there and he buzzed, welcomed you to all the lands, welcomed you and said goodbye to you at the parks, etc. I dont know where the info that he was shut off came from but it is not true... so bring your Pal Mickeys and go to town Hall and tell them we want him hooked to our Magic Bands. I did it like 10 times when I was there!! :)

SmiddimizerSep 22, 2014

Was it a present from Baby Gene?

mp2billSep 22, 2014

I was going to say: "Too bad you can't just pay a fee to have an RFID chip installed into the doll," but I guess nobody even tries to use them anyway...

awilliams4Sep 22, 2014

Pay Mickey 2.0 is louder, we have both. 1.0 and 2.0.

G8rchampsSep 22, 2014

We can re-program them with the motherboard from my Speak and Spell.