Disney Parks Pass reservations begin and new availability calendar now available

Jun 22, 2020 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Monday June 22, 2020 8:18am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World's Disney Parks Pass theme park reservations system has just gone live along with a new tool to view Disney Parks Pass availability.

Those trying to use the Disney Parks Pass reservation system have been greeted by a lot of early frustration with errors and no progress, and then as of 8:15am, a virtual queue was introduced. Despite the queue, reports from many users still suggest that that they are unable to make a reservation, and at the end of the virtual queue are receiving a blank screen or errors. A handful of users have reached out to us that they have been able to make reservations.

Debuting alongside Disney parks Pass is a new availability calendar, that allows you to check to see if your desired date and park is currently available before purchasing your ticket, Annual Pass or package.

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DCBaker1 day ago

Most likely because Sorcerer, Pirate and Pixie Passes are all blocked out starting December 20.

ChrisM1 day ago

I can understand the 9th and 16th (since they are Saturdays) but the 18th and 19th seem strange (especially the 19th, which is a party day). Anything unusual going on those days?

HoustonHorn1 day ago

Or how they let me buy ILL's for 7DMT at a time the ride was scheduled to be down for fireworks preparation? (I mean, they said to just come back after the fireworks, which we did, but they should not allow you to buy the ILLs for a timeslot when the ride is scheduled to be down)

jpeden1 day ago

Kind of like how the other night we were at EPCOT and the VQ for guardians reached capacity and they didn’t make it to our boarding group but you could still buy an ILL….

Fido Chuckwagon2 days ago

Still selling day tickets though. Stay Classy, Disney.

DCBaker2 days ago

According to the Annual Passholder Park Reservation calendar, EPCOT is currently no longer available for new reservations on December 31. Magic Kingdom is also no longer available for new reservations on December 9, 16, 18 and 19, in addition to the 25.

Fido Chuckwagon6 days ago

Christmas is the one time of year the park pass system is needed and it’s a shame they couldn’t keep it (just for the last two weeks of the year) for next year. It made Christmas/new years week in the parks much more bearable than it used to be. Oh well.

DCBaker6 days ago

According to the Annual Passholder Park Reservation calendar, Magic Kingdom is currently no longer available for new reservations on December 25.

Laketravis8 days ago

I took 200+ high school band students to WDW (and USF) for 5 days in spring 2022. At WDW they were free to leave the resort after a 7am breakfast meeting and go to whatever park they wanted. They were required to be back at the resort at a predetermined curfew each night. I had a couple of parent chaperones stationed in the resort lobby during the day but the rest of the chaperones and band staff pretty much went on their own as well without any students. We only required the students to remain in groups of at least 3 (one to stay with the second while the third goes for help if needed) and send us selfies in front of identifiable landmarks at certain times during the day. Aside from the occasional lost backpack or park ticket, the trip went surprisingly well.

MisterPenguin9 days ago

And this is the reason why Day Tickets no longer have to make reservations. The number of Day Tickets is limited in number and pegged to a specific date range.

SingleRider9 days ago

As an AP, it’s nice to see the tables turned and ticket guests being locked out before APs.

Disstevefan19 days ago

I don't understand this. If you are staying on site in a WDW resort, you should be able to get into any park you want.

DCBaker9 days ago

According to the Walt Disney World website, reservations on December 31 at Magic Kingdom and EPCOT are currently unavailable for Resort/Ticket guests. Reservations at Magic Kingdom on December 25 are also currently unavailable for Resort/Ticket guests. More reservations may be released, so keep checking if you are looking to go on those dates.

DCBaker9 days ago

Walt Disney World has added five more days of Bonus Reservations for Annual Passholders in December. December 6 - Disney's Hollywood Studios December 7 - Disney's Animal Kingdom December 10 - EPCOT December 11 - Magic Kingdom December 13 - Disney's Animal Kingdom