Update to My Disney Experience web site addresses common MagicBand complaint

Jul 22, 2015 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Wednesday July 22, 2015 11:27am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has rolled out an update to the My Disney Experience website to give some guests the option to opt-out of receiving an additional MagicBand.

Visitors to our forums frequently comment on how they have a huge stockpile of MagicBands at home, with a new MagicBand being sent automatically with every Walt Disney World Resort hotel reservation.

The new update gives those guests who are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel the option to opt-out of receiving a band, with the proviso that they have an existing MagicBand already active on the My Disney Experience account, and that the existing MagicBand is less than 1 year old. MagicBands have a non-replaceable battery, so the operational lifespan is limited.

You will need to opt-out each time you make a reservation if you wish to use an existing MagicBand, and if you change your mind, you can opt back in to get a new MagicBand.

The update is so far only live on the My Disney Experience website, and is not yet available on the phone apps.

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polynesiangirlJul 24, 2015

Oh thank GOD they added this. They were going to send us another set just for a single night's stay I tacked on to the end of our next trip.

BrianVJul 24, 2015

Id like it if you could turn on and off various tickets from your account. You have an AP and a 3 day ticket, YOU should be able to order and select which ticket is at the top yourself.

mguimond1990Jul 23, 2015

Dont know if its any help, but I called the reservation number and they were able to delete one set of my bands. Maybe they can do the same for you.

shipley731Jul 23, 2015

I stay onsite probably 6-8 times per year. I just live 2 hours away & we go down for the weekend. Between my husband & me, we have more than 2 dozen magic bands at the house.

humphreys lodgeJul 23, 2015

Taking multiple MBs on a trip can get messy. I know it takes a little while for the system to cycle through all of the active MBs.

Mike NolanJul 23, 2015

Luckily, I'm a hoarder...

Biff215Jul 22, 2015

Since they ship separately, you likely could opt out on the second set after the first set was shipped out and made active, although it would be a small window of time. We just got back from a 4/4 split stay and received our bands about a week apart. Either set will work for the entire stay as long as they are active with MDE. I finally realized I could deactivate old bands/cards which seems to help resolve problems when down there.

DisneyGigiJul 22, 2015

I noticed yesterday there was a decline button on our new ones when I checked to see if they had shipped. Our old ones will be exactly the begin date as last years trip, so they must give a little over a year life. I wondered what was up with that though!

HolleBolleGijsJul 22, 2015

Unless you already have an active MB in your possession that is linked to your MDE account, I don't think you can opt out. I'm in the same boat. Most people don't stay at multiple resorts, so this isn't really geared towards that. It's more for people who have already stayed on property in the past year or have annual passes.

mguimond1990Jul 22, 2015

So lets say i have a trip planned in sept this year. I have a 5 night stay at AKL and decided to add 2 nights at POP..I have 2 different sets of magicbands (1 for each resort). Can I get rid of one? Because I cannot find a place to do so on the MDE site.

10MagicJul 22, 2015

I have about five blue ones. Now I'm going to get a different color every time. I strung a bunch together and hung it from my Christmas tree.

dumboflyerJul 22, 2015

Nice option to have, but I sort of like getting new ones. My wife likes to have the option to color-coordinate her MB with her outfit.

HolleBolleGijsJul 22, 2015

If you're not staying on-site, you have no reason to opt out, since off-site guests don't get MagicBands.

HolleBolleGijsJul 22, 2015

I'm also assuming this won't work for split stays, if the two sets of MBs I would receive are my first?