Disney unveils the MagicBand 2

Nov 21, 2016 in "MyMagic+"

MagicBand 2
Posted: Monday November 21, 2016 8:37am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's next generation MagicBand 2 is coming soon to Walt Disney World.

Named Model MB-R1G2 (the original as MB-R1G1), the band differs significantly from the first in that it features a removable center section containing the electronics. The design allows for other attachment options, such as lanyards and belt clips.

Like the original, the new model of the MagicBand has been developed by Synapse, and includes a 2.4GHz radio, along with a passive HF RFID tag radio.

Disney expects to deliver the first of the new bands later this year, with a full roll out taking place in early 2017.

Existing MagicBands will continue to works and do not need to be replaced.

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Kylo KenJan 26, 2017

When I renewed my AP, the CM messed up my order etc so Disney was awesome enough to give me vouchers for the MB 2. I ended up getting the Director Krennic one. I definitely feel these are a lot more comfortable to wear because the band itself feels lighter. I was surprised to see the two screws in it but eh no big deal.

OliveMcFlyJan 24, 2017

I just got them last night! Now it's time to start decorating them.

mikenatcity1Jan 23, 2017

I am heading to the resorts on Wednesday and received the new bands :) I like them better than the original- they fit better than gen 1 (IMO)

JaxFLBearJan 23, 2017

Reportedly, the upcoming MagicKeepers will include a small screwdriver.

JaxFLBearJan 23, 2017

You are entitled to a free MagicBand if you have either a Disney Resort Reservation or an Annual Pass. All accessories are a separate purchase. The MagicKeepers (lanyard medal and key fob) are not yet available for purchase and the price is unknown.

OliveMcFlyJan 23, 2017

I tracked them and saw they were in a town about 90 mins from us on Saturday so I'm thinking we'll get them tomorrow. I'm getting excited to see them!

I am TimmyJan 22, 2017

Thanks! Nice to know it can't just work it's way out while your'e wearing it!

toolsnspoolsJan 21, 2017

Not sure if it's been mentioned, but they require a screwdriver to remove the puck. I was thinking that it would just pop out of the wristband...

Dr.GrantSeekerJan 21, 2017

I ordered my MagicBands about 3 weeks ago for a trip in February. They just got here last week and they are indeed MB2. I would say yes, you will be getting a new MagicBand. I have tried it on and I personally didn't have any problem wearing it around.

DisneyDebRobJan 21, 2017

As long as they can slip into my pocket like the first version, they can make them anyway they want.

DisneyDreamer08Jan 21, 2017

Are just the bands standard (free) with a resort stay, or can you choose which option you want? If I wanted one of the clip on key chains would I have to pay for that even if I was staying on site? Does anyone know how much the different options are?

I am TimmyJan 21, 2017

Has anyone gotten the MagicBand 2 yet? I've been reading they are flimsier than the original and fall off easier when worn as a bracelet. Curious if this is going to be a widespread problem.

ToTBellHopDec 28, 2016

They made watch faces (one digital, one analog, both ugly). We have one that undoubtedly won't fit on MB2.0 but I don't gather they'd sold very well.

lazyboy97oDec 26, 2016

The Mickey-to-Mickey touching is a design choice made by Disney and not based in technology constraints. The smart watches and smartphones that include NFC do not require such touching to work. The precision required of the MagicBand really is a failing that should be corrected.