Former FastPass+ kiosks continue to be uncovered at Magic Kingdom as interest surrounds the possibility of a paid FastPass offering

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Former FastPass kiosks uncovered in Tomorrowland and Adventureland
Posted: Tuesday July 20, 2021 11:38am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The original FastPass+ kiosks that are dotted around the Magic Kingdom continue to be uncovered, further fueling speculation that Disney may be preparing its next generation of ride reservation system for Walt Disney World.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen kiosks uncovered on both sides of Tomorrowland, near Buzz Lightyear and the former Alien Encounter area.

In Adventureland, the kiosks outside of the Jungle Cruise are also now uncovered.

None of the kiosks are powered up during guest hours, but this doesn't mean that testing has not occurred out of hours. Disney's mobile Genie app is likely to be the primary method for guests making ride reservations. Still, as with FastPass+, some guests will require a physical in-park method of obtaining reservations - which these kiosks may well serve.

Learn more about Disney's possible plans for the successor to FastPass+.

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skypilot29222 hours ago

By now they have learned all that they need to, And if they need more they will ‘lean’ on chinese emigre’s who have family in china who work for disney. With the usual threats we will take away parents pension and apartment, put them in jail etc.

DisneyDodo3 hours ago

It does happen sometimes, but not consistently, and it doesn't all necessarily derive from the SB-FP merge. I would imagine the impact on overall wait times from these instances is minimal. Does Everest have problems even when the single rider line is running?

Touchdown4 hours ago

Everest has problems fully filling trains sometimes. Same thing on the Safari and I’ve walked into an empty hallway from the stretching rooms.

DisneyDodo6 hours ago

On the rides where merging would come close to being a bottleneck, they have single rider lines to make things move quicker.

DisneyDodo6 hours ago

It's still true. How often do you pass the merge for a ride and there's no one ahead of you and a ride vehicle just waiting for you to get on?

DisneyDodo6 hours ago

The IPs are not the reason China wouldn't do this, as they don't care about IP rights. They wouldn't because they don't want to lose Imagineering and Disney's expertise in operating a world-class theme park. This isn't the same as manufacturing, where you can just reverse-engineer the finished product and you have everything you need.

skypilot29226 hours ago

If you are talking about Omnimovers, yes that is true, yet things like coasters, flume rides, Safari ride and others not so much

DisneyDodo6 hours ago

It doesn't add wait time if the merge happens quicker than load, which is the case the vast majority of the time for all rides.

skypilot29229 hours ago

What most forget is managing the merge takes time even if only a few seconds per merge it adds up over time and manifests in extended wait time

skypilot29229 hours ago

China and counterfeiting

jpinkc9 hours ago

It really is a HUGE issue with alot of companies, dealing with Chinese knock offs. Some are so brazen as to mimic items packaging and logos. China just gets away with it. BMW, Mercedes Benz, Astin Martin and others went to China and tried to fight them in Chinese court and the cars they had there were Physical Carbon copies!!! The Chinese Court said there was no issue and threw it out. Look it up its fact. So when I say that about Disney, if old Pooh Bear look alike decides to take it away he will. Danger of doing business in China.

arich359 hours ago

I just happened to look like 30 min ago and Jungle Cruise was at 115 min I believe

UNCgolf10 hours ago

I think there are too many other variables in play for an exact comparison. There's still a lack of shows/other entertainment at some parks as well as fewer places to eat and so on. Most of that would theoretically make the lines longer right now, though, not shorter.

MisterPenguin10 hours ago

Didn't we have some supposed insider (not one of our regulars) claim this was about to happen two years ago? If this is repeated often enough it will eventually be correct, or, more likely, never proven to be wrong because it's always "soon."