Disney may be about to expand the use of virtual queue boarding groups at Walt Disney World

Oct 19, 2020 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Monday October 19, 2020 8:50am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Virtual queue boarding groups are being considered for more Walt Disney World attractions as Disney looks for ways to control its queues.

As attendance continues to rise, and physical distancing remains a necessity, queue space is becoming a problem at a number of attractions. Lines are frequently overspilling into walkways and extending far beyond the normal queue area. 

Disney has successfully managed the demand for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance with its virtual queue, and may soon deploy the system at other attractions. We understand that Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run at Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Jungle Cruise at the Magic Kingdom are two of the attractions that may join the system.

As with Rise of the Resistance, guests would use My Disney Experience to join the virtual queue, to be given a return time to join the physical queue.

Demand for Rise of the Resistance means that the virtual queue typically reaches capacity within 10 seconds of it opening, although it would seem unlikely that other attractions would reach capacity that quickly.

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tancJul 22, 2021

Wonder if PATF Splash Mountain will have a virtual queue. More of a reason Tokyo may become my main Disney destination. I have yet to ride ROTR because the queue system is completely terrible. Imagine if you have only one day for a park, it just doesn't work.

ilovetotravel1977Nov 11, 2020

If I didn’t already have 5-day tickets and $1800 Cdn in wdw gift cards purchased, and now flight credits, I likely wouldn’t go back with the virtual queue system. I didn’t mind fast pass as it pretty much guaranteed to you would get to ride at least one e-ticket ride or more!

MurphyJoeNov 09, 2020

On a more on topic note, and not reading/remembering the rest of the thread, expanding the use of virtual queues could be used as an additional incentive for booking Disney resorts. Ignoring how Disney would have to market or explain this to the general public, a return time multiplier dependent upon hotel level, DVC, or ticket type could be used with an attraction's current base return time to generate an individualized return time for the group or individual. For example if attraction X's current virtual queue base wait time is 1 hour then using off-the-cuff guest statuses and wait time multipliers: Guest Status Virtual Queue Wait Time Multiplier Assigned Wait (Minutes) Deluxe, Club Level 0.75 45 Deluxe 1 60 DVC 1.25 75 Moderate 1.5 90 Value 2 120 Platinum Annual Pass 2 120 All other ticket holders 2.25 135 Would Disney ever attempt something like this? Doubtful. However, VQing would open the door to Disney providing less wait time for people willing to spend more without providing front of the line privileges.

DobergeNov 09, 2020

Gotta buy PixieDust+ to have the exclusive opportunity to buy the good stuff first before it's made available to others.

twilight mitsukNov 08, 2020

spin the wheel and what fastpass are you going to get

MisterPenguinNov 08, 2020

I bought a PixieDust pack and all I got was a window seat at Liberty Inn, a FP+ to Carousel of Progress, and the instructions to the dance moves of Move It Shake It.

MurphyJoeNov 08, 2020

With Disney's monetization kick, I'm still waiting for Gatcha Fastpass. Purchase PixieDust and try your luck to get FPs to the attractions you want. Will you get your third Mickey's PhilharMagic FP of the trip or one of the rare BTMR FPs? Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance or another Alien Swirling Saucers? And do you spend the extra $$$ for a guaranteed E-ticket promo or stick to the hourly freebee?

Capsin4Nov 08, 2020

I’m not sure I like the idea of having no standby option even if it’s hours long. I’m leaning towards preferring an electronic version of old school fast pass.

Magic FeatherNov 07, 2020

Does anyone have a date for when these would go live?

CAVNov 07, 2020

And even though it will be a worse edition than the previous edition, the sychophants will rang and rave how much they love it.

CAVNov 07, 2020

I suppose thats better than not logging into you MDE at midnight EST 60 days in advance.

bhellmerNov 07, 2020

If Disney implements virtual queues for many attractions at a park, will they limit guests to one virtual queue at a time? If someone attempts to join a second queue, they could be reminded about their current queue and only allowed entry to the new queue if they leave their current queue.

RSoxNo1Oct 28, 2020

Unless it costs $2 billion to develop it's not worth my time.

lazyboy97oOct 27, 2020

There is a reason that Universal pulled back from their grand plans for virtual queues after Volcano Bay opened. All virtual Race Through New York eventually gained a Stand-By option, Fast & Furious Supercharged opened with a Stand-By line and Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure did not open with its announced virtual queue. Epic Universe was not going to follow Volcano Bay as a virtual queue park.