Play Disney Parks app expanded to include more Walt Disney World locations

Oct 19, 2018 in "MyMagic+"

The recently introduced Play Disney Parks has received its first major update to include a resort hotel and Pandora - The World Of Avatar.


"Stories of the Enchanted Gallery" is the first Play Disney Parks activity at a resort hotel, and uses the Art of Animation Resort gallery as its play area. In the acitivity, you get to be your own animator, creating themed art that transforms into living, breathing stories inspired by “Finding Nemo,” “The Lion King,” “The Little Mermaid” and “Cars.”

Also new is "The ACE Guide to Pandora: Valley of Mo’ara Edition" at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, where you can join Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE) on an adventurous journey as you explore the colors, cultures and creatures of Pandora. Scan your surroundings for exotic lifeforms, create indigenous music and experience other interactive gameplay alongside your friends and family while learning all about this alien moon through interesting facts, trivia and activities. This experience can be accessed anywhere within the park.

Additional updates include new achievement, more music, and classic Disney tales read aloud.

The Play Disney Parks was launched in June 2018 with a goal to provide entertainment while waiting in lines or playing at home.

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Article Posted: Oct 19, 2018 / 1:21pm ET
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tissandtullyMay 18, 2019

Yeah all the workings for the SWGE stuff is already in the play Disney app. Have a friend who heads up that group.

JJJMay 18, 2019

Does anyone know about any AR experiences coming to the Play Disney Parks app, or am I missing an announcement? I was scrolling through the Android code and noticed in the strings.xml file (where text in the app is stored for easy translation), there are some mentions of ARCore, Google's sdk for Augmented Reality apps: This application requires the latest version of ARCore. This feature requires the latest version of ARCore. Installing ARCore… Maybe this is part of the interactivity coming to Star Wars land? I remember it was announced one feature would be translating text from Aurebesh to English, so maybe they'll put this text back into the real world? Either way, AR would be a really cool new way to interact with the parks! (Sorry again if this is old news) Edit: for what it's worth, I also see mentions of OpenCV.

larryzOct 25, 2018

It depends... do you keep your phone in your back pocket?

MisterPenguinOct 25, 2018

Does the pin come out the top or the bottom of my iPhone?

geekzaOct 25, 2018

Yeah, I love it when companies give me the exclusive opportunity to give them more of my money for completing virtual tasks on my phone.

RSoxNo1Oct 25, 2018

Available for purchase...

jyn ersoOct 25, 2018

Any idea how much the pins are?

larryzOct 25, 2018

They started that with the VMK app. You could complete in-park scavenger hunts, create a character in the park, and buy random box assortments of VMK pins that came with codes you could enter online to get the virtual version.

Andrew COct 24, 2018

ok...that is kinda cool.

wdwmagicOct 24, 2018

Play Disney Parks achievements can now be converted into physical pins

wdwmagicOct 19, 2018

Play Disney Parks app expanded to include more Walt Disney World locations

solidyneSep 12, 2018

The line may have been slower for a moment, but it would speed up once people stopped playing and moved on. You didn't lose your position in line, so you'd end up reaching dispatch at the same time. Unless, that is, the gap grew big enough to reach the FP merge, but I'm sure people would yell at the stoppers long before then. What's more, some stoppers would let people pass them while they were playing, so these games may have been a net gain in efficiency for those who didn't want to play!

SuperStretccchSep 11, 2018

It disappoints me a bit that they're now removing interactive elements in favor of this app, but I guess that's just the way of the future. At least the line will move faster, which is always a plus.

KBLovesDisneySep 10, 2018