Dining at Walt Disney World just got easier with new reservation system upgrade

Aug 17, 2023 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Thursday August 17, 2023 9:20am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has begun rolling out a major upgrade to its dining reservation system for Walt Disney World restaurants.

Using My Disney Experience or the Walt Disney World website at this link, you can now view all available reservation time slots for each restaurant, just like on OpenTable. The system previously only showed a few available slots based on a specified timeframe.

Restaurant reservation timeslots are now also sorted by meal period, so you can view which menu is being served during a reservation. This will be especially useful for reservations around 4pm, when restaurants typically switch from lunch to dinner menus.

The new system is currently available for everyone on the website, but only for some users on the My Disney Experience app. It appears that Disney is gradually rolling out the new feature, so you may have to wait to use the new functionality via the app.

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wdwmagicAug 17, 2023

Yes, not all. But it still creates confusion as to exactly what is being booked. This should help.

aladdin2007Aug 17, 2023

don't most the restaurants have the same menu all day now anyway?

DCBakerAug 17, 2023

The new reservation system seems to be available on the Walt Disney World website as well via this link.

DCBakerAug 17, 2023

Of course, here's another showing the time when the results came up.

wdwmagicAug 17, 2023

Seems like it is in progress of rolling out, can I borrow your screenshot? Thanks!

DCBakerAug 17, 2023

Odd, it has reverted back to the old screen for me when I try again. + on the bottom, then Check Dining Availability.

wdwmagicAug 17, 2023

What steps are you going through to see that? I can't reproduce that screen this end. Thanks!

DCBakerAug 17, 2023

The dining reservation updates are live on My Disney Experience this morning.

note2001Aug 02, 2023

Positive changes, but as usual Disney is operating in the slow lane with technology. ... I know, programmers don't pay the bills, except every revenue producing item touches upon technology and what the programmers develop and maintain in some way.

PiebaldAug 02, 2023

As someone who recently made a lot of reservations I like these changes. Maybe it's cause summer has been slow, but I haven't had any issues getting reservations week of or even day before although the method behind booking reservations is a bit annoying. We ate at Topolinos twice (breakfast and dinner) in the last month and the server lamented the 2hr cancellation window was too soon and left a lot of open tables for such an in demand restaurant. We've been to Tiffins and Yachtsmans just straight up walking up and reserving as we walked and had no issues getting Topolinos or Toledo. Even saw California Grill open many times.

Eric GrahamAug 02, 2023

Thank you so much for posting that tidbit about the updated reservation system.

Br0ckfordAug 02, 2023

Hey man I got a 2pm , 4pm and a 7pm for Ogas, you interested? Buy the 7pm and I'll give you the 2 pm for free. If you like we can do business on a sweet Chef Mickeys I got.

Chip ChippersonAug 02, 2023

I like this. They made it needlessly complicated to search for times. They're finally catching up to what services like Open Table have been doing all over the country.

todd23Aug 02, 2023

How do people sell slots?