FCC testing process reveals new type of MagicBand

Aug 17, 2016 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Wednesday August 17, 2016 8:11am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's next generation of MagicBand has been revealed as part of the standard FCC testing process.

Named Model MB-R1G2 (the original as MB-R1G1), the band differs significantly from the first in that it does not appear to have a strap. 

It may be that Disney is planning to offer straps separately from the main body of the MagicBand, which can then be attached, much like the Apple Watch. This would allow guests to change the look of the band, without having to dispose of the electronics and re-register the new band in the My Disney Experience app. The design also allows for other attachment options, such as lanyards or belt clips, although it isn't clear if this is something that Disney will be pursuing.

Like the original, the new model of the MagicBand has been developed by Synapse, and includes a 2.4GHz radio, along with a passive HF RFID tag radio.

The original FCC filing was placed in May 2016, and has just been declassified by the FCC.

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dreamfinderDec 15, 2016

MagicBandCollectors seemed to think they may have been accidentally released. They only saw a few of them out, and the anticipated special effects at tap stations weren't working yet.

BoltDec 15, 2016

I'd assume they are at the MagicBand store at the exit of Space Mountain.

cindy_kDec 15, 2016

I checked in the emporium at MK last night and they didn't have them there. So they may just be at City Hall for now.

EthanMagicBandsDec 15, 2016

MB2 has no major technical changes to it really. Just design changes.

LongLiveTheKingDec 14, 2016

Accessories. Disney will probably make belt pully systems like every worker has in cubicles so they even can have use.

LongLiveTheKingDec 14, 2016

Interesting. It seems the existing MB system they have in place has been updated to be able to use MB2 already.

cindy_kDec 14, 2016

Just saw another update, you can buy them at MK starting today. https://twitter.com/Blog_Mickey/status/809111260210012160

cindy_kDec 14, 2016

So according to this MagicBands Collectibles website, MagicBands 2 will be shipped to AP holders who order from today on. http://www.magicbandcollectors.com/new-and-renewing-annual-passholders-will-be-shipped-the-new-magicband-2-started-today/ I have held off ordering my new ones in hopes this would happen. Guess its time to order. :D

EthanMagicBandsOct 18, 2016

No new info, yes the change is coming, not sure when. I have seen the pucks in person.

pajammiesOct 18, 2016

Any new info on whether or not there are going to be changes to the Magic Band's? I would love to see a puck style to be able to wear it as a lanyard.

AEfxAug 29, 2016

To make more money on bands and those that want to "collect" them, like pins and such. This is all about making more money on them, not less. Basically, I'm sure their research has shown that only a small percentage of folks ares willing to buy multiples and view them as "collectables" or "fashion" at the current price points. So by separating the guts of the band from the band itself, presumably the replacement bands will be cheaper (I'm guessing sub-$20) which then opens up a whole new segment of folks who would be willing to buy extras. Consumer behavior is rather decisive on this, by lowering the price below a certain threshold, they will sell exponentially many more bands. There is some "magic" about the $20 price point in consumer minds, which is why I'm pretty sure they will be under that. To give it a simple example - a kid sees a band they really want in a shop at WDW, even though they already have a band. A lot more parents are going to say "Yes" to the purchase if it's $20 or under and the kid can just swap out the "guts" (or "puck" as they are calling it) out of their existing band, as opposed to spending $40 or whatever on a complete new band and then just putting the existing band away and no longer getting any use out of it. In theory, this should also reduce quite a bit of headache from CM's and guest services having to continually activate and manage bands for those that do "collect" them, as well - the buyer should be able to just put the puck into the new band themselves and Disney doesn't need to have any part in it, aside from selling you the new band. There will be little to no need for anyone to have more than one "puck", which is the only thing that matters to the computers. I also expect this to lead to more wearable options - pucks in pins, pucks in necklaces and such - I wouldn't be surprised if we saw long-sleeved shirts/sweatshirts with "puck pockets". (And if they haven't thought of this, I want a cut LOL...) In any case, I dislike the entire concept of MM+, and the entire thing itself a colossal waste of money, but this is actually a very smart move if they are heck bent on making them an integral part of the WDW experience (and obviously, they are). Given the collector-mentality that so many frequent visitors have, it's a sure-fire revenue stream for them when the puck-less bracelets will likely only cost them a buck or two to make, they have nearly unlimited existing art to print on them, and they can sell them for many times what they cost to make.

JWGAug 29, 2016

Disney can't do anything worse than Universal. Universal's antiquated bar code reading process is the worst. We just got back from there after not having been since 2007 and were surprised at the process. Once it rained and anything got wet all bets were off.

ScoutNAug 28, 2016

The idea of its uses was much better than the bulky and clunky execution of them.

21stampsAug 28, 2016

Just curious as to why you bought it in the first place? If you didn't like what it's uses are for. I am excited for the new personalized touches since we've been there last. I don't really want the design changed though.