FCC testing process reveals new type of MagicBand

Aug 17, 2016 in "MyMagic+"

Disney's next generation of MagicBand has been revealed as part of the standard FCC testing process.

Named Model MB-R1G2 (the original as MB-R1G1), the band differs significantly from the first in that it does not appear to have a strap. 

It may be that Disney is planning to offer straps separately from the main body of the MagicBand, which can then be attached, much like the Apple Watch. This would allow guests to change the look of the band, without having to dispose of the electronics and re-register the new band in the My Disney Experience app. The design also allows for other attachment options, such as lanyards or belt clips, although it isn't clear if this is something that Disney will be pursuing.

Like the original, the new model of the MagicBand has been developed by Synapse, and includes a 2.4GHz radio, along with a passive HF RFID tag radio.

The original FCC filing was placed in May 2016, and has just been declassified by the FCC.

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Article Posted: Aug 17, 2016 / 8:11am EDT