Significant increase to Disney Park Pass availability as park capacity is boosted at Walt Disney World

May 15, 2021 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Saturday May 15, 2021 8:36pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's move to 3ft of physical distancing is already beginning to impact theme park capacity with a significant boost to Disney Park Pass availability this evening.

Earlier today, May and June had limited availability for both Theme Park Ticket holders and Resort Hotel guests. Now, both categories are showing almost complete availability at all parks from May 17 through to the end of June 2021.

As of writing, Annual Pass holders are not seeing any increase in availability.

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nickys57 minutes ago

Absolutely. They will have used their data on when wait times started to drop and set the park hopping time accordingly.

SoFloMagic1 hour ago

Limiting and leveling, I'd think. Sold out at MK, guess we're going to animal kingdom today to start. Instead of before (fake numbers) where you may have 20k or 40k people hit AK and you need to staff for 30 and you're either over staffed or it's a mob scene. Now they can just plan on 30k daily in each park

DisneyCane1 hour ago

I could possibly see them moving it up for Epcot if they think people will hop there to eat lunch who would have eaten off site (when they go back to a normal opening time for Epcot). I assume they picked 2PM because that's when people who rope dropped start to leave or take a break.

aaronml1 hour ago

I’m curious how much Park Pass benefits TDO beyond what FP+ did. Most guests made some FP+ selections in advance, and Disney could tell based on that which park they were going to spend much of their time in on a given day. In fact, they even had some special promotions in 2019 (IIRC) that allowed certain resort guests the ability to book FP+ across multiple parks per day, so TDO would know both parks a guest was planning on visiting in a given day. The main benefit here over FP+ to TDO seems to be less about predicting how many guests will be in each park (which they already largely had with FP+), and more to do with limiting the number of guests in each park.

ILOVEWDW Pete1 day ago

Please get rid of the park pass system. My wife and I have traveled every year since 2009 and we never plan on what park we wish to go to on a daily basis until we have eaten breakfast and walk outside to see what buses are available. Why does having to decide what park you wish to go to while on vacation have to be so darn hard? I swear they are making a trip to the happiest place on earth anything but.

pdude812 days ago

Most people already planned what park they were in anyway, so this is really just giving more data and locking yourself to one place until 2pm. Now if paid fastpass enters we have yet to see whether that causes more or less planning. Please don't every assume the long term plan is to have less people in the park. This is true for my family as well right now, with just being locked in a park and only having dining to work around. Quick service has actually improved with requiring a completed order to enter for seating. But I'm afraid it will all fall apart with 50% more people in the park later in the year.

MansionButler842 days ago

It’s nice. Just this week, I’ve scored two dining reservations for July 4th weekend. I was very pleased. Picking a restaurant 6 months out sucked. I want very different food in late December than late June.

Touchdown2 days ago

Yup, dining reservations are 60 days out now, I have a trip in October I still haven’t fully planned out yet.

MansionButler842 days ago

Honestly, I plan less now than I did in 2019.

DisneyDave543212 days ago

I think we all need to give up the ghost on going back to the days of no planning at WDW. But, maybe between Park pass and paid FastPass we get to a point where the only thing you have to plan is what park you will be in( which is really not a huge thing). And if it means less crowds and less standby lines, then I’m all for it edit: and dining. We will still need to plan dining

nickys2 days ago

You still need a park reservation for DHS to try for a BG, whether at 7am or 1pm. If they have that programmed in, and they should do, park hopping will not affect the process. Even if you park hop there at noon you won’t get past that check.

Disney Dad 30003 days ago

Do you think they'd move it up for all parks except DHS to continue allowing a 2nd chance at BG at 1pm for the folks with park reservations or is that too much of a cluster?

Hope Princess3 days ago

Yeah even that would be better! I just hope by December they move up the hours because we love to have lunch in the park we go to second!

MansionButler843 days ago

At most, they might move it up to 1 pm or noon. They are trying to manage crowds so they want you in the first park for a bit.