Disney MagicMobile Service coming soon to Walt Disney World beginning with Apple devices

Mar 11, 2021 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Thursday March 11, 2021 4:26pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today announced the long awaited introduction of Disney MagicMobile - the next evolution of Disney MyMagic+ and the successor to the MagicBand.

Launching in phases starting later this year, Disney MagicMobile service is billed as a convenient and contactless way to access MagicBand features like theme park entry through the power of your iPhone, Apple Watch or other smart device. Guests will be able to create a Disney MagicMobile pass through the My Disney Experience app and add it to their smart device’s digital wallet. Most features will be available by just holding up your smart device near an access point, just like you do with a MagicBand. Disney MagicMobile service and its features will roll out first on Apple devices.

Guests may choose to use Disney MagicMobile service or a MagicBand, and can alternate between the two for added flexibility. 

The existing digital room key feature will continue to be available specifically within the My Disney Experience app, which helps guests expedite their arrival by using online check-in service, going directly to their Disney Resort hotel room and using their phone to unlock their door. Disney Resort hotel guests may also still pick up a Key to the World card at their convenience by visiting the front desk.

Effective January 1 2021, and as previously announced back in June 2020, MagicBands are no longer provided on a complimentary basis with Disney Resort hotel stays.

Read more on how Walt Disney World's future will evolve from MagicBands to smart devices.

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JeffHNov 18, 2021

You can now use a reloadable card (like a 5% discounted Target Disney gift card or your Disney Visa rewards card) to pay off your resort bill and now get that 5% (or more with the Sam's black Friday gift card deal) ALL your purchases in addition to your resort bill.

jaklgreenNov 18, 2021

I use the same card so this does nothing for me.

nickysNov 17, 2021


dreday3Nov 17, 2021

We were trying everything at food/wine - finally the CM just told me to remove it for fear of the angry mob forming behind me in line! 🤣

donsullivanNov 17, 2021

It charges back to your room folio account if you are a Disney hotel guest with that set up.

nickysNov 17, 2021

So does this charge direct to the card on file, or is it charging back to the room like when buying merchandise?

donsullivanNov 17, 2021

I have a friend who described the same issue ( I use iPhone). It seems the issue is you need to manually trigger Google Pay first and then tap the payment point. If you don’t do that MagicMobile intercepts the RFID read so Google Pay never sees it. I have to do exactly the same thing on iPhone or Watch I just double tap the watch button to trigger ApplePay and it works fine.

dreday3Nov 17, 2021

Since this was bumped... I never was able to add Google Pay when paying with mobile order, but just used one of my credit cards and it charged card directly. I was able to use Google Pay directly at stores/kiosks, but ONLY after I removed the magic mobile cards from my G-pay! Whenever I tried to pay, it kept automatically defaulting to the magic mobile card and not the card I wanted to use attached to G-pay. A lot of people were having that issue and cast members told me just to remove magic mobile card if not using (which I wasn't).

Disstevefan1Nov 17, 2021

I wish the card on file could be a rewards card of a gift card or some sort of reloadable card, not tied to any account.

DCBakerNov 17, 2021

Addition to MagicMobile - "NEW: Charge food and merchandise purchases to the payment card on file at your Disney Resort hotel room during your stay" https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2021/11/disney-magicmobile-service-enjoy-new-features-and-fun-designs-celebrating-walt-disney-world-resort-50th-anniversary/

CaptainAmericaOct 06, 2021

I read the post I was responding to as if she wanted to use Google Pay to pay with a credit card, not MM.

ItsBillyOct 06, 2021

You never need to open the Google Pay app. To ensure that the MagicMobile pass is transmitted, don't unlock your phone. Just have the screen on and phone locked. Payment cards need the phone to be unlocked, but again, you still don't need to open the app unless you're paying with a card other than your default.

vikescaperOct 03, 2021

Thanks! Now I have both songs in my head…

CaptainAmericaOct 03, 2021

You don't have to touch anything if the card you want to use is your default card. Just open the app. I can swipe to change card, or click on the "Walt Disney World" pass to use my phone like a MagicBand.