More days reach capacity for Walt Disney World Annual Passholders close to Christmas

Dec 11, 2023 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Monday December 11, 2023 8:41am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Theme park reservations have reached capacity on several more dates for Walt Disney World Annual Passholders close to Christmas Day.

December 15, 16, and 17 are the latest dates to reach capacity at Magic Kingdom, joining the previously reported capacity dates of December 18, 19, and 25.

December 19 is also now at capacity for Annual Passholders at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Note that on days when reservations are at capacity, Annual Passholders may still visit the theme parks after 2:00 pm without a theme park reservation, except on Saturdays and Sundays at Magic Kingdom. Also keep watching the park pass reservation calendar as more capacity may be added.

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mattpetoJan 16, 2024

Probably just a webmaster glitch, but the 2022 After Hours Christmas event has been on the site for a good week solid now. You just have to search "After Hours" from the search bar. If you click on link, it brings you to the MVMCP event page. Still I wonder if they would consider doing a hybrid of sorts - like running the MVMCP on Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday and DVMAH on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. DAK AH and VAH also still listed in that list FWIW.

aladdin2007Dec 30, 2023

unreal isn't it?

jrhwdwDec 30, 2023

How is it Dec 30th already?!?! Thanks MK for MWCTF Prim. every night this week!!!! All other Entertainment this week was Great!........when it was dry enough. FITS Looks the same, but Great!

surfsupdonDec 28, 2023

2010 entertainment levels were better than now- and we were still mourning the Diamond Horseshoe’s removal!

jrhwdwDec 28, 2023

Great! However...Luminous deserves a second showing on NYE! WDW really needs to get back to Pre COVID Entertainment levels in 2024!!!!! 2016 Levels would be Better!!!!!!!!!

DCBakerDec 28, 2023

Walt Disney World has added a new pop-up in My Disney Experience for New Year's Eve events.

UnbansheeDec 26, 2023

Blog mickey posted photos of the encounter:

HauntedPirateDec 26, 2023

Level of shock = 0. This infomercial has been awful dreck for a decade.

BrianDec 25, 2023

I enjoyed the commercial breaks for the various Disney ventures in between the ad for the Disney parks.

AylaDec 25, 2023

The Xmas Day "parades" have been awful for at least the last decade.

Animaniac93-98Dec 25, 2023

That was my favorite part and a nice treat to see her brought back. I also liked the clip of NSYNC at Epcot from 1998.

jrhwdwDec 25, 2023

IDK, I was proud to see ABC remembered to include Joan Lunden!!! To have her talk about the History and see all the old Clips during her part. it was great!!!

DCBakerDec 25, 2023

Santa Duffy will be meeting guests through December 31 at It's a Wonderful Shop at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Animaniac93-98Dec 25, 2023

Shocked that the only things they bothered to talk about during the special were Tiana's Bayou Adventure and...Pixar Fest? No riders reacting to TRON? No World of Frozen (which got promoted everywhere else even if HKDL is largely unrelated)? No mention of anything else coming to WDW next year (Test Track 3.0, Country Bears 4.0, the new Mermaid show)? For a show that primarily exists to get people to book a WDW vacation NOW...they did an awful job. And they'll have less to sell next year. Even if UNI drops the ball with Epic like they did "Universal Escape", is there really so little to talk about at WDW? I think we know that, but you'd hope Disney would have something to surprise us. Disneyland having nothing entertainment wise (no parade clips, no performers) besides teens looking off camera was funny. Disney still trying to make Wish a thing just feels awkward now too, though I did like seeing DLP in the spotlight. You can add this 40th anniversary broadcast to the list of underwhelming anniversary celebrations for Disney.