Enhanced Wi-Fi service being rolled out across the Walt Disney World Resort hotels

Aug 10, 2018 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Friday August 10, 2018 3:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

An enhanced Wi-Fi service is being rolled-out across the Walt Disney World Resort hotels, with Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter the first to be updated.

The new service is live now, and can be accessed via the "WDW Resorts Guest" SSID name. Enhanced Wi-Fi is available in both public spaces around the resort and in guest rooms.

Disney introduced WiFi in its resort hotels back in 2011, an essential service for guests needing to use the My Disney Experience apps to plan and manage their vacations.

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Mark CameronAug 21, 2018

Welp, MDE has the Shop Disney App and there is Room Service so I feel like I could spend a lot of money while watching Bambi! lol Instead of deleting I will just add that I echo what HauntedPirate said lol. I guess I should read through the thread before posting!

HauntedPirateAug 16, 2018

YOU save money, and YOU save money, and YOU save money! EVERYBODY SAVES MONEY!!!! (except the customers who shell out thousands of dollars for rooms and theme park tickets and food)

Missing20KAug 16, 2018

Major operational cost savings. As a shareholder they best pass on the savings by increasing the dividend. Less humans in the queues too!!

HauntedPirateAug 16, 2018

Two words - "Room service". That's also a great way to for guests customers to use their Dining Plan credits! Plus, you can now order merch in the MDE app, so that means less staffing of stores and shops. It's a win-win! ;)

BigThunderMattAug 16, 2018

Yeah so...in the US anything over 10 Mbps is seen as a luxury. 100-150 is seen as LIGHTNINGFASTOMG and most cable companies will EASILY charge you $70-$100 a month for it for just the internet, no TV. Enterprise cable might be a little faster but I'm convinced WDW does not use dedicated lines for guest usage and the signal strength of the wifi is probably only 2.4 GHz which by nature is capped at slower speeds than 5 GHz wifi but has better range and is less susceptible to interference.

Missing20KAug 16, 2018

Guests can't spend as much money on food and merch if they're holed up in their room watching Steamboat Willie.

pbrsaauAug 16, 2018

Stayed at Fort Wilderness Cabins all last week. Wifi service was fine all week, no complaints. Only in a handful of attractions would the signal be poor or not available.

geekzaAug 16, 2018

I stayed at a resort in WV a couple of months ago and there were separate routers in each room. It was lovely.

Jon81ukAug 16, 2018

Prices are high but the idea already exists in most hotel chains. Or you need to join their loyalty programme to get room WiFi for free. For example you need. Hilton Honors account to get free room WiFi at a Hilton. Lobby WiFi is usually free no matter what. So if Disney wanted proof you are a guest such as entering a room number for the premium WiFi I don’t see a problem.

Mark CameronAug 16, 2018

That might be a little high, even for Disney! lol

HauntedPirateAug 14, 2018

That would make sense. Although then that opens up the door for tiered wifi. Disney - You'll enjoy complimentary WiFi access throughout our resorts and theme parks. However, you can choose from these options for a better, more MAGICAL!!! WiFi experience: $9.99/day for "Enhanced WiFi Access" $19.99/day for "Premium WiFi Access" $29.99/day for "Ultimate WiFi Access"

Jon81ukAug 14, 2018

Does the new WiFi ask for guest details? I wouldn't be surprised if the lobby WiFi is open access but the room WiFi has some kind of check to restrict the higher-speed to resort guests only. Asking for room number and booking surname is common in hotels for this.

disney4life2008Aug 14, 2018

I am sure someone is suggesting it; but I doubt it will be free. It would be perfect marketing for the service. They may make it an option to purchase during your resort stay.

LensmanAug 13, 2018

I could see them doing this if only to introduce people to the service and to cross-sell their over-the-top media subscription services. It's a great opportunity for them.