Disney adds days of bonus park reservations for passholders at all Walt Disney World parks

Dec 09, 2022 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Friday December 9, 2022 3:43pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has updated the Park Pass calendar to include almost two weeks of bonus reservations for Annual Passholders at Walt Disney World during the approach to Christmas.

Bonus reservations do not count against the five-reservation limit for annual passes. The offer begins December 12 through December 23, 2022, and is available across all four Walt Disney World theme parks.

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pdude8117 days ago

Agreed with the above. Other than a holiday week/weekend there should be 0 issues even one month out.

Touchdown17 days ago

I don’t book park reservations until right before the 60 day window and have never had a problem.

wdwmagic17 days ago

March and April is spring break, which will impact availability. August should not as much of an issue, and I would think you will be fine in June.

jannerUK17 days ago

We are off to Disney from Aug 5th. We don't get our park tickets until early June. Based on last year, how soon is it likely that the reservations for MK will be full before we get the tickets. Should we be fine with a 2 month window to book up for August 5th onwards. Just noticed it's 10 days into March and April weekend is booked up...that's 1 month.

Andrew2520 days ago

Hotel rates and date-based pricing does more for spreading crowds out than reservations.

Fido Chuckwagon20 days ago

I really hope they keep it for Christmas/New Years. That time of year is much better now with reservations, they let way too many people in under the phased system. Agreed that it doesn’t really matter the rest of the year.

Disstevefan121 days ago

So, on the 3rd and 4th the MK will only be SUPER MOBBED and not MEGA MOBBED.

monorail8121 days ago

But they HAD been….because I had been checking and couldn’t get an AP reservation. This whole system needs to go away. With regular park tickets being dated, they can get a general idea. Go back to the old Phasing system. It worked fine for decades. Or keep it for the historically busy days like Christmas and New Years. But trash it the rest of the year. The sad thing is I haven’t even been trying to get to the MK on the 4th for Tron. Lol!

Fido Chuckwagon21 days ago

Sounds like they still (correctly) fear the legal repercussions that await them if they prioritize day guest reservations over AP reservations.

monorail8121 days ago

Interesting that resort guests and day guests have no availability, but APs do. Had been the opposite for quite a while. I know because I’ve been trying to get the 4th and haven’t been able to until a few minutes ago.

networkpro21 days ago

March isnt the only month for spring break and there's also Easter weekend April 7-10th which is showing up as being busy with MK park passes limited.

DCBaker21 days ago

According to the Ticket/Resort Guest Park Pass Reservation calendar, April 3 and 4 at Magic Kingdom are currently unavailable for new reservations.

Touchdown26 days ago

March, aka Spring Break, has need to increase attendance. Folks I think the resort may be seeing a bit of a downturn.

DCBaker26 days ago

Disney has added quite a few bonus reservations for Annual Passholders through March 10th. I'm unable to see March 6, but there may be additional ones there. March 2 - EPCOT and Hollywood Studios March 3 - EPCOT and Animal Kingdom March 4 - EPCOT and Animal Kingdom March 5 - EPCOT and Hollywood Studios March 7 - EPCOT and Magic Kingdom March 8 - EPCOT and Hollywood Studios March 9 - EPCOT and Animal Kingdom March 10 - EPCOT and Animal Kingdom