PHOTO - Cinderella Castle Cake Magic Band available to order

22 days ago in "MyMagic+"

Disney has released a new magic Band design featuring the 25th Anniversary Cinderella Castle Cake.

The castle transformation for the 1996 25th celebrations was a controversial move, and remains a talking point to this day, particularly with the upcoming 50th anniversary this year which is expected to see another updated look for Walt Disney World's icon.

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Article Posted: Feb 08, 2021 / 11:49am ET

NelleBelle11 days ago

Maybe in the resort gift shops? They have a Riviera one.

DisneyJeff11 days ago

I really wish they would come up with more resort-specific magic bands. I know they have one that's Grand Floridian themed, but where are the rest??

DCBaker13 days ago

New bands just added today - 532907532909

NelleBelle22 days ago

I thought the BD cake castle was totally tacky when we saw it person, but it's a great "throwback" that they brought back as a MB. It definitely brings back certain memories and nostalgia.

HauntedPirate22 days ago

Definitely. It was fun. Remember fun? It’s what can happen when management lets the creative people take the wheel and lets them create instead of being dictated to about what to build.

the.dreamfinder22 days ago

The cake castle looks better than the 50th castle look.

ShookieJones22 days ago

I just gave my daughter money to pre order the 25th B-Day Cake one. Super nostalgic! That's what they're good at isn't it? When my daughter was about one and half we brought her down to FL to visit my parents. My Dad (who hooked me on WDW) decided an impromptu visit to WDW was in order. Although my daughter only remembers through photographs, good/bad or otherwise her first sight of the castle, was the B-Day cake version :)

NelleBelle22 days ago

Darn it! I knew I should have waited for new designs to come out before I ordered mine back in Dec for our April trip 😩The one I picked you can get off of shopdisney. I really want the tacky castle BD cake!!!

HauntedPirate22 days ago

I thought it was now one for the price of two? πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

MisterPenguin22 days ago

For the 50th design, they'll sell two of those for the price of one!

Rteetz22 days ago

That 25th MB may need to happen...

DCBaker22 days ago

3 new bands added today -

DCBaker26 days ago

New solid colors added for $5 - 529426529427529428529429

nicb88Dec 31, 2020

Is there any more word on what’s happening with MDX for replacing magicband features? Surely it should be happening in time for the introduction of paid bands across the board (not hopeful of course...).