Purple MagicBand now available without retail band purchase

Mar 07, 2016 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Monday March 7, 2016 8:31am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has just added purple to the choice of MagicBands available in My Disney Experience.

Previously only available for sale as a retail MagicBand, the change means that purple joins gray, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and pink as one of the color options for a MagicBand as part of your Walt Disney World Resort stay, or pass holder MagicBand choice.

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ratherbeinwdwApr 05, 2016

All of my older bands are now faded. The red faded the worst. Really doesn't matter as I have so many. I was disappointed in the Figment bands I ordered. When you have a small arm, the Figment only shows on the underside of your arm since it covers such a small area of the band.

ford91exploderApr 05, 2016

Plastics are so well understood in industrial chemistry there are even standards for fading and colorant bleed, The fact that the colorant bled noticeably AT ALL speaks volumes about the quality of the plastic as only the very cheapest plastics bleed.

montyz81Apr 05, 2016

Sorry, just being a bit cynical. "If I went blind yesterday, I would still believe that the sky was blue or would be blue at some point."

dstrawn9889Apr 04, 2016

how do you know that their sourcing company was the cheapest (i know its the most likely reason) but when they came in deficient, Disney did not put them on the shelf anyway, did they? and the manufacturer had to go back and find a non-bleaching, color-fast and non reactive compound to make the poly purple... then that had to manufacture them to spec and ship. the other bands came out fine, just a hiccup on one color...

montyz81Apr 04, 2016

It is Disney's fault, they could have done their due-diligence better instead of selecting the least cost supplier

dstrawn9889Apr 04, 2016

which is not Disneys' fault, but the supplier...

WhatJaneSaysApr 04, 2016

Fading was a minor issue, outside of the chemical reaction. The type of coloring they were using was not setting properly with the band material. The color was not consistent and in some cases "bleeding" out to stain things.

ford91exploderApr 04, 2016

Coming up with fade resistant plastics is not rocket science as usual Disney was just lazy and cheap

sxeensweetApr 04, 2016

These are not for magical express. Magical express you just get the yellow stickers. These come seperately with your magic bands (at the bottom of the box) if you book a package with dining or tickets (not just room only and DVC does not get them either). This was not mine it's someone else's. I don't get them because I'm a DVC member. :)

montyz81Apr 04, 2016

How did you get that? I just got my bag tags and they are yellow stickers.

FigmentLover6Mar 30, 2016

After ordering the orange MB the last 2 trips we took I finally get to order the purple band for our upcoming June trip. So excited!

Rob562Mar 22, 2016

As has been posted many times when the question came up, they were having issues with color fading due to either extended sun exposure or chlorinated water (or a combo of the two). Since purple showed up in the earliest MB concept photos that Disney released, it was obvious they always intended to offer purple. They just had issues. -Rob

tribbleorlflMar 18, 2016

Yes, the other colors are much more flexible than the older MB's.

tribbleorlflMar 18, 2016

Seems to take just over a week. I customized ours 2 weeks ago Saturday and got them Tuesday. Though we're AP holders, so resort guests might be on a different timetable.