Disney extends Annual Passholder bonus park reservations for all four Walt Disney World theme parks in early October

Oct 05, 2023 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Thursday October 5, 2023 9:41am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has made Annual Passholder bonus park pass reservations across all four Walt Disney World theme parks available for six days from October 5 through October 12, 2023.

  • October 5 - Disney's Animal Kingdom
  • October 6 - EPCOT
  • October 8 - Disney's Hollywood Studios
  • October 10 - Magic Kingdom
  • October 11 - Disney's Hollywood Studios
  • October 12 - Disney's Animal Kingdom

Bonus reservations do not count towards your allotted number of reservations, which is very useful if you have a trip planned later in the year that is tying up your park pass allocation.

This is the second batch of bonus park reservation days in recent weeks, with the most recent from September 30 through October 4.

You can check current park pass availability in My Disney Experience or the Walt Disney World website.

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Tom Morrow5 days ago

2023 was the first year in years where I didn't buy a pass because I got tired of the reservations. Last month I had family in town for a week at Disney and decided I might as well buy a pass again to spend the week with them, but was under the impression that the reservations were gone. Had I known they were still playing wildcard with what days need reservations, I probably wouldn't have bought a new AP.

lentesta5 days ago

Yeah, it’s been crowded with cheer groups from out of state lately.

Jrb19796 days ago

The easiest solution is to stop buying APs and stop going to the parks.

Tom Morrow6 days ago

Getting annoyed at how they're handling this. The "good to go" days change constantly. They really need to just eliminate the reservations or only require them at hard-defined times like this weekend, a holiday weekend, when crowds will obviously be high.

JohnD6 days ago

It's even a valid claim for the lower level passes. You know you're blocked out on already advertised dates. How is it fair you're still blocked out on the dates that are advertised as not blocked out?

Brian6 days ago

Well, the plaintiffs were correct at least in the sense that there's no material difference. Whether you're blocked out or lacking a reservation, you can't go to the park and make use of your pass.

JohnD6 days ago

That's the reason for that earlier lawsuit just after the pandemic. i.e. If there are no blockout dates, why is it some get blocked out? I know, I know. Disney would quibble with the definitions. That pass isn't blocked out. It's just that all reservations are full. Those who sued would say that is a distinction without a difference.

diggity166 days ago

Yeah my level of annoyance is pretty high haha. I could understand if we had any of the lower tiers with blockout dates. But we shouldn’t have any imo. And tbh, we rarely if ever did in the past get blocked out. So it definitely changed with the new system

Brian6 days ago

It's just insane to me that a nearly $1,500 pass would even have reservation restrictions. For that kind of money, that pass level should absolutely be exempted from the reservation system.

diggity166 days ago

Local with the AP Incredipass…I keep getting blocked out of non-G2G days. Happened several weeks in a row now. Also when using the desktop version, I’ve noticed it says Disneyland then refreshes to WDW. @lentesta curious if you’ve heard others having this problem or if you think Disney might ease up as they adjust to the new system. It seems they’ve allowed a smaller amount of reservations than usual to APs, but that’s just my guess. Never had this problem in the past

DCBaker10 days ago

The next batch of Annual Passholder good-to-go days has been released: February 27, 28 and 29.

Fido Chuckwagon23 days ago

Yeah, that’s what I meant. The “artificial” blackout dates they are creating for incredipasses by “running out of reservations” whenever they hit whatever internal metric they set for number of AP holders they want in the park that day while still selling day tickets.

Brian24 days ago

Well, the only difference in that proposal is that the peak periods would require a reservation, or just blocked out entirely (depending on pass "level"). They should really get back to the "spirit" of the reservation system and use it only when demand is expected to exceed supply. Most of the year, that's not how the system is being used.

JohnD24 days ago

I'll be going with a family who purchased FR Disney Thrills tickets who had to make park reservations. So whether I have one or a GTG, my park visit will match theirs anyway.