My Disney Experience to offer Disney Vacation Club Open House Tours

May 03, 2016 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Tuesday May 3, 2016 8:35am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Later this week, Disney will begin testing a new feature on the My Disney Experience website.

When making FastPass+ reservations, guests staying at a Walt Disney World moderate or deluxe hotel, may be prompted to arrange a Disney Vacation Club Open House Tour.

Guests that take up the offer will receive three additional same-day FastPass+ allocations on completion of the tour, which will be linked to the guests My Disney Experience account.

DVC Open House Tours give guests an overview of the DVC program and a tour of a DVC Villa at Walt Disney World. The tours can currently be booked via DVC agents throughout the theme parks.

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jpittore1May 04, 2016

I think all of my purchase paperwork is still in the Canvas DVS bag...:)

slappy magooMay 03, 2016

We did get one, but we didn't buy on-site. When we rec'd our final paperwork it came with a bag. yippee.

slappy magooMay 03, 2016

My educated guess (and that is all it is)? In January (especially in 2005 when tourism was still suffering some post-9/11 blues, more noticeable in off-seasons), parks weren't as crowded, fastpasses weren't as necessary, there was more value in giving you a meal so that's one less meal you potentially eat off-site (even if it was only QS). But Spring Break? Height of Spring Break? Fastpasses were probably the e-ticket of enticements (that they were willing to part with). It's also possible we said (without any sense of planning to say it) the magic words: It's so crowded, lines are so long, I don't know if we have time to spend a few hours touring a resort.

note2001May 03, 2016

They change these things up all the time. I got nothing but icecream in 2008, and I bought on site (Of course I had used up multiple visits and complementary Fast passes prior to that) Do they still give the canvas DVC bag with the initial purchase? (Was not offered on subsequent purchases) I remember we used to get referral gift cards. Loved those.

EOD K9May 03, 2016

I toured and bought in January of 2005. They weren't giving FPs back then, we got a free meal ticket good for any QS which included entrée, desert, and a beverage.

slappy magooMay 03, 2016

I can't say for sure what these Fastpasses would be like, but when we did the tour in spring of 2005, we rec'd all-purpose fastpasses to be used on anything we wanted (that had a FP line at the time). I don't even think there were restrictions as to whether or not we could use them all on the same ride if, say, you wanted to ride Space Mountain 3 times in a row. And we also got ice cream. Oh, and when I write that "we did the tour in spring of 2005," I'm talking SPRING BREAK. It's the only time we ever toured in Spring Break and I don't think we ever will again. There were consequential lines and waits for pretty much everything. We tried to compensate by spending more time in the resort's main pool "Ol' Man Island" in Riverside) but even that would be so busy you couldn't find a seat to drop your gear before going into the pool, and it was wall to wall people; you wouldn't want to go in. So as far as we were concerned, 3 extra fastpasses worked out great, as even the sort of rides that never seem to have lines, had lines. On an afternoon we wrote off as "too busy for the parks," we did the tour, got the fastpasses, used them and still made it to our dinner reservations

Seanual757May 03, 2016

Hey if you have time to kill, some entertainment for an hour, free bag, free ice cream, and free fast passes why not take advantage.

Dizz Fan '99May 03, 2016

My wife, 2 daughters and I listen to the DVC sales pitch every time we go to Disney. They get snacks/drinks and play together supervised by a Disney cast member as my wife and I get snacks/drinks while listening to the sales pitch. It takes a little over an hour and we leave feeling refreshed from being in the air conditioning and now have extra fast passes to use for the day. My kids like it because it gets them out of the heat for a little while.

CaptainAmericaMay 03, 2016

Smart marketing. Dumb to fall for it.

Ariel1986May 03, 2016

They're probably the Fast Passes that you can use anytime on any ride (apart from 7DMT & Toy Story apparently). I had a few of these on my Christmas trip for various reasons- they were great, though as pointed out sometimes they were a waste as not needed in some parks! Edited to add: Just seen @Seanual757 already clarified!

Seanual757May 03, 2016

Ours were good for 3 days to use at anytime and everyone in your party gets them.

CJRMay 03, 2016

Still not worth it. During the time the tour takes out of the day, you could, in most cases, go through the standby line for three attractions. Most of the attractions that would make this valuable for, will already be booked up for the day (as others have said)

DVCOwnerMay 03, 2016

I think this is way Disney is doing this. Someone wants to take a tour but does not want to give up the hour in the park. Now the sales agent can say, wait with three additional Fastpass+, you will easily make up that time. Sounds like a good sales pitch.

Seanual757May 03, 2016

True the most popular would be the MK- 5-7, DHS- 2 of them, Epcot 2, AK- 2. Pretty crummy when we purchased VGF in 2015 we were given a $50 Disney gift card, this year we did take the tour in March got our 3 fast passes, and signed papers last weekend and enjoyed our free Ice cream. No gift card this time with a purchase or tour :(