'MyMagic+' rollout for all Annual Passholders taking place within the next few weeks

Mar 03, 2014 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Monday March 3, 2014 12:42pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The full rollout of MyMagic+ for Annual Passholders, including both FastPass+ and MagicBands, is planned to take place within the next couple of weeks.

Some passholders have already been included during random testing, but this next phase will bring all passholders onboard by mid-march 2014. 

Annual Passholders should soon see the option to customize and order MagicBands in their 'My Disney Experience' account on the website or mobile app. Delivery of the MagicBands is expected to take place in late March 2014.

As expected, Annual Passholders will have the ability to make FastPass+ reservations in advance of their arrival in the park, in a similar way to resort guests staying at a Walt Disney World hotel.

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FLmomMar 29, 2014

I called after finally getting my box and having black cards instead of gold. I was told to just go to guest relations in order to get the correct card. Playing a little dumb I asked how I was expected to get my parking free if I have the wrong card when I go into the park before going to guest relations. The CM told me that there are now magicband scanners at the parking booths. I asked her are you SURE she said she was positive and put me on hold to double check. I'm not really too concerned as I still have my pre MagicBand AP card I can show to get my parking but I was just interested to see how they would handle that aspect of shipping the wrong cards. So to those who have been there recently are their scanners for the magic bands at the parking booths?

MissMMar 28, 2014

Following up to this, I just heard back from my email about the problems. And apparently it's a widespread issue: Thank you for contacting the Walt Disney World® Resort. Our sincerest apologies for the challenges you have had. With regard to the Magic Bands themselves, please call our Internet Help Desk at 407-939-7765 for assistance in ordering your Magic Band. With regard to the incorrect card, please know that we are aware of the situation and are working to correct it. Again, we apologize, and we encourage you to call to order your band. If you have questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us. Looks like they might need to do a reshipment of the discount cards to Passholders.

mrdriftMar 27, 2014

I have a question and hope it hasn't been asked already. I have a Premier pass that I can use in California and in Florida parks that I purchased in California. Can I still order the magic bands to use in Florida parks or am I limited to the card that was given to me at Disneyland California?

Texas84Mar 27, 2014

Mine showed up with gold card. The slider was hidden in the packing. Took a while to find it. Looking forward to trying it in May when I stay offsite. Now I have three of these things.

sjhym333Mar 27, 2014

That is true. My wife just got her AP which I paid for online but I couldn't sign her up for FP+ or MagicBands until she actually had her AP in hand. I will say that within minutes of activating her pass at the ticket booth and adding it to her My Disney Experience account she had FP+ privileges and a MagicBand order waiting

Kev1417Mar 26, 2014

maybe that's it. i have to exchange our current AP pastic card first. oh well. stupid MM+. now i'll have to wait in line at the front of the park, then wait in line as i can't schedule any fast passes. grrrr

cspencer96Mar 26, 2014

Have you activated (picked up at the ticket window/front desk) your passes yet? We had the same issue, and I was told it is because the pass showing on my account is an exchange certificate, and my MagicBands won't show up to order until I've picked up my card at the ticket counter. Makes no sense to me, but whatever.

bweaver1985Mar 26, 2014

I would call Disney to ask whats going on.

bweaver1985Mar 26, 2014

I got mine today with the correct discount card (gold).

MrNonachoMar 26, 2014

Add my mom to the list of full APs who got the black card instead of the gold. Has anyone had any luck getting it exchanged at Guest Relations?

Kev1417Mar 26, 2014

well apparently i went to select a fast pass time and i'm being told i'm not eligible since i'm not participating in MM+. Starting to get annoyed now.

Kev1417Mar 26, 2014

i don't see anywhere that is says orders. i see my AP's are registered. However when i clicked on the magic bands it doesn't allow me to do anything more than view my AP's and deactivate them.

MissMMar 26, 2014

Yeah I think so too. I think the Passholder rollout went a little off kilter for a lot of us. Maybe they tried to do too many at one time?

wdwmagicMar 26, 2014

I have heard from a number of people who got black instead of gold. Looks to be an issue.