Annual Pass blackout dates lifted during periods of August

Jul 27, 2017 in "Ticket - Florida Resident Silver Pass Seasonal Pass"

Disney has modified the blackout dates for Silver and Weekday Select Annual Passes.

Silver Annual Passes are no longer blocked out August 1-10 and Weekday Select Annual Passes are no longer blocked out August 1-4 and August 7-10 2017.

These changes will gives those passholders the opportunity to ride the soon-to-close Great Movie Ride and Universe of Energy.

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Article Posted: Jul 27, 2017 / 5:19pm EDT
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Kman101Aug 02, 2017

I'm glad they unblocked what they did. I'm surprised they didn't do it sooner.

zengothAug 02, 2017

As a passholder, I'm grateful to Disney for thinking of its guests at this time of peril and danger. These are the kind of decisions that make me believe the Company sees returning guests as a true value. This might break me out of my August-is-too-heinous to spend a day crowdsurfing mindset (I don't know how those not aclimated handle it), although I suspect in a few years Food & Wine will start after 4th of July weekend.

cindy_kJul 31, 2017

Sorry :) I am a DVC member. Rooms are lowest in Sept, and second lowest in October

missmamamouseJul 31, 2017

LOL it's probably because my almost 6-year-old daughter and I made so many memories on that playground-esque "set"! I will miss that. So don't bash it! ;):cry:

Kevin_WJul 31, 2017

Where are these lower prices in October you speak of?

DaveeeeedJul 31, 2017

Errrm. I agreed with you, until you said you miss Honey I shrunk the Kids...:hilarious:

missmamamouseJul 30, 2017

I literally feel like a piece of my heart is being ripped out with all of the BEST attractions being taken out!!!!!! I get the whole "updating" and "moving with the times" thing, but taking out everything instead of just updating really sucks. I was sad enough when the Honey I Shrunk The Kids set got taken down. But now this! Ugh....just like I miss "Downtown Disney" and will forever call it that. And it will always be MGM to me, not Hollywood Studios. *sigh* :(

cheezbatJul 27, 2017

Glad to hear this. I looked at my Blockout dates when I heard of the Energy and Great Movie Ride closings and was pretty irritated that I'd only have one day to possibly ride them one last time. Now I've got a solid week.

Just4PicsJul 27, 2017

If SWL opens late 2019 then 2020 will be the worst. Or who knows, maybe they'll just raise prices enough to keep attendance at the same level. They only care about revenue after all, not attendance in and of itself.

floridagirl57Jul 26, 2017

I checked my app literally right before posting that question (lol). I'm ecstatic!

cindy_kJul 26, 2017

Check the app. Its true. Disney World app is showing all of August available now. Food and Wine Fest. Nicer weather, lower prices and Epcot eating fest always draws a crowd.

floridagirl57Jul 26, 2017

Does anyone know if this is actually true? I am a Silver AP holder and I'm soooooo desperate to ride the GMR one last time I was considering upgrading my pass to Gold so I could go next weekend, since a prior commitment is keeping me from going the last weekend of operation.

MaximumEdJul 26, 2017

Maybe killing the extra FP loopholes is having some effect?

Kman101Jul 26, 2017

When I've checked in August for FP's when I'm no longer blocked out I've seen availability for Mine Train and Frozen which wasn't always the case. Interesting. The used-to-be slower times have now become much busier. I imagine weather and pricing for tickets has something to do with the shift.