Next generation FASTPASS system to begin guest testing this week

Apr 30, 2012 in "FASTPASS"

Disney is set to begin guest testing of portions of the next generation FASTPASS system this week.  From May 1 to May 15, random guests will be selected prior to their arrival at the Magic Kingdom to take part.  The system is expected to work like this:

1.  Guests in the trial will choose a FASTPASS itinerary for the entire day before they arrive at the park.
2.  The FASTPASS itinerary will be emailed to the guest and encoded onto a RFID FASTPASS card which will then be used to gain FASTPASS access to the attractions chosen.

The significant point here is that this system is allowing the guest to book their entire day FASTPASS itinerary BEFORE arrival at the park, and therefore eliminates the current system of only holding one FASTPASS at a time, and having to wait for windows to become available.  It is expected that this system will eventually become part of guests vacation planning when staying at a Walt Disney World Resort, and will be rolled out to all parks and most attractions.  Also gone with this test are the paper tickets, and are replaced with next generation RFID chips on a single ID card, much like those used in the EPCOT turnstile trial a few months ago.  Disney is investing heavily in RFID technology, and expect to use it in almost all areas of the guest experience, from FASTPASS, to park entry to room entry and charging.
Article Posted: Apr 30, 2012 / 7:37am EDT