Disney Fab 50 character sculptures get a holiday makeover with MagicBand+

Nov 18, 2022 in "Walt Disney World Resort 50th Anniversary Celebration - The World’s Most Magical Celebration"

Disney Fab 50 golden character statues at Magic Kingdom
Posted: Friday November 18, 2022 4:08pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Disney Fab 50 character sculptures installed as part of Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary now play new sound effects to celebrate the holiday season. 

To activate the sounds, you need a MagicBand+ and a wave of the hand. 

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DCBakerDec 28, 2022

Here's a new pop up in My Disney Experience showcasing New Year's Eve entertainment.

OwlHouseKing97Dec 26, 2022

The Adventure Friends deserve better than this(and a little off topic, they only have one 5:10 showing starting January 1st, they need to make up for its week off sometime(they probably won’t)

JoeCamelDec 26, 2022

Ask a CM what time the 3 o'clock parade is?

peter11435Dec 26, 2022

Correct. Just as it always has been. Even when they printed paper times guides, the event entertainment was not included on them and they did not have party specific times guides. It’s always been part of the event guide map.

Zummi GummiDec 26, 2022

The entertainment for the parties is printed in the event guides that you can get on your way in or after you get your wrist band.

MisterPenguinDec 26, 2022

A Nightmare Before Christmas Land can have year-round Halloween and Christmas theming at the opposite ends of the new land. Jus' sayin'.

Disney AnalystDec 25, 2022

Normalize Christmas entertainment all holiday long, not just for private parties.

MisterPenguinDec 25, 2022

Are you now live-doxxing Disney entertainment?!1?!!1!/? I'm banning you from the forums!!!11! Actually, kinda surprised there's no printed guide at the entrance. For the Christmas upsell parties, the times of the entertainment didn't appear in DME... at least, I couldn't find it. Had to screenshow a fan page's itinerary.

DisoneDec 25, 2022

Signs are posted in the park. Also, and I hope it's okay to reference this, on WDW live entertainment.

Thumper 32Dec 25, 2022

Multiple days later, and the holiday entertainment is still not listed in the app. With them still being too cheap to print Times Guides, how is anyone supposed to know what times any of the entertainment is?

DisoneDec 25, 2022

And it was also the first day of the trains!!!! And that made for a wonderful joyful and grateful holiday experience. I started the riding the rails..... Then decided to brave the cold and enjoy the holiday offerings. Was able to get a lot in..... I really wish MK did all this for more then just this week. It does absolutely make MK feel like it is a joyous place to celebrate the holiday season. It was almost 70, sunny and bright. Perfect parade weather and so a viewing of Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime Parade. Look at the blue sky.... And Santa rounding out the parade..... And soon the sun would start to drop and with it so did the temperature. I took a few more laps around on the railroad. And then watched them back the trains out of Fantasyland station to the round house. There was a chill in the air but warmth in my heart. And now back to the Holiday offerings...... Next on the agenda thing on the agenda.... Mickey's Most Merriest Celebration. And even though Jingle Cruise was posted at 25 minutes I Lucked out with a 25 second wait as the standby line was non- existent. Humorously at the entrance of the line there were some lightning lane guests arguing with the line attendant. The attendant was explaining that their lightning lane was not valid for another 45 minutes and they were arguing that they should be allowed on now. He told him they're welcome to use the standby line, but they didn't want to. I moved on past the scene and as it turned out literally the lightning lane had a longer wait than the standby line where I walked directly to and onboard the next Jungle Cruise boat. They really added a lot to this attraction over the years.I feel like it's a fun holiday layover. Boats are decorated. The costumes are slightly different with Santa caps done in the style of jungle Cruise skipper, and many of the scenes of course have been decorated. 687647 687646 And the I some how ended up on the people mover and as it went into Space Mountain I was excited to hear the Trans-Siberian orchestra rocking out inside of Space Mountain complete with a massive laser light show going on. Wait time posted for space mountain, 40 minutes. It actually was longer than 40 minutes but still totally worth it. And the Grand Prix raceway was also no longer just a few Christmas lights, this too has grown over the few years they have been doing it. From beginning to end it's lit up with Christmas lights, music and holiday decor. 687657 And of course I also took in the aptly named Minnie's Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks, which honestly are wonderful. Even without the perimeter shots. 687665 The crowd really loved Minnie's Fireworks. Despite several pre-show announcements, the family standing next to me were still shocked that this was not the regular Enchantment show. How they missed all the pre-show announcements is beyond me but for about the first two 2 minutes into the show they kept saying "this isn't the show we saw the other night". They are so excited for it. I could tell they loved it from beginning to end. So did I. Merry Christmas.

LilofanDec 25, 2022

Parks could sell quite a few hand warmer packets in the morning if they wanted more park sales.

jeanericuser001Dec 25, 2022

But having it be in the lower to mid 30s may be a bit much for some animals. That would be like doing women's volleyball in bikinis when its in the 30s. You just know many women would complain in an instant about that. Im sure some animals no doubt share similar sentiments.

jrhwdwDec 24, 2022

We still got MOUACT at noon thank goodness! However Minnie disappeared from the Parade at the Castle.......