runDisney reveals medals for 2024 Springtime Surprise Races including Stitch and Lion King

Dec 11, 2023 in "runDisney Springtime Surprise Weekend"

Posted: Monday December 11, 2023 10:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

runDisney has unveiled the medals for the 2024 runDisney Springtime Surprise Weekend at Walt Disney World.

Taking place April 18-21, 2024, the spring weekend sees the return of event favorites such as the 10-Miler distance and early morning yoga as well as an all-new event, the runDisney Springtime Surprise Splash at Typhoon Lagoon.

Here is a look at all the medals.

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RteetzApr 24, 2024

I went. I enjoyed the party. Was it worth the $85? Probably not but it was basically H2O Glow Nights for runDisney. So very little waits for anything. Low crowds, popcorn, ice cream and soda included. Character meets and a dance party. My group had a blast tho.

Figment82Apr 23, 2024

Congrats to everyone who participated in STS Weekend! Ran the 5K with my 5YO. It was her second 5K (first was the Cast 5K at DAK last December), but her first rD event. And first fully completed on her own (she rode on my husband’s shoulders for a bit last time). She was losing steam in the last half mile, but a couple kind ladies gave her bracelets and that perked her up. Made it back home with time to spare before school started. No PRs in the 10K and 10Mi, but I was close to my previous times. Still wish the 10Mi course was run backwards - that stretch on World Dr is such a mental hurdle. Now it’s that long wait until W&D - looking forward to year 15!

surfsupdonApr 23, 2024

Did anyone pay to go to the Splash??! How was it? Even if I ran, based on principle, I would not have gone. A park ticket is much cheaper, and all other after parties were included in registration. AK for Everest MGM for Tower 13K Epcot for Wine & Dine MVMCP for Wine & Dine (1 year) …and don’t forget many race registrations used to include a 1-Day Park Hopper for the weekend. In addition to a discounted ticket store.

Surferboy567Apr 22, 2024

The virtual Neverland 5K is in the books! Two more to go.

uncle jimmyApr 22, 2024

Hope everyone running this race weekend (in person and virtual) had fun and good runs!

Surferboy567Apr 22, 2024

Tomorrow, running through Wednesday I plan on starting my virtual Springtime Surprise challenge! All three races in succession days. I plan on taking it easy but still running at a decent pace as I really haven’t ran as much as I have wanted to in the past few weeks.

DznyGrlSDApr 17, 2024

Be safe everyone! I'll be there Sunday morning but not the rest of the weekend. Currently in Houston

HauntedPirateApr 17, 2024

Just the wife. She’s helping a friend do the 5k on Friday.

LAKid53Apr 17, 2024

It's been in the mid 80s during Princess Weekend. 2018 was brutal.

uncle jimmyApr 17, 2024

So, when Princess Wknd reg comes around in a couple months and the Princesses are great please remind me of these temps so I run Princess instead. But if they aren't lets ignore this 🤣

LAKid53Apr 17, 2024

Gonna be a hot one.... ☹️

LAKid53Apr 17, 2024

Just the wife or will you be accompanying her?

HauntedPirateApr 14, 2024

*Closes eyes* T-shirt, spirit jersey, Mickey ears, a Loungefly bag… Whoa! What a guess!! 😂 My wife will be there next weekend to help a friend with the 5k. Long story but it was not something expected or planned well in advance.