Night of Joy concerts move to EPSN Wide World of Sports

Sep 28, 2015 in "Night of Joy"

Posted: Monday September 28, 2015 1:39pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Next year's Night of Joy will see some significant changes with the concerts to be held at ESPN Wide World of Sports.

Night of Joy guests will continue to get admission to the Magic Kingdom, but Disney hasn't yet said if the park will be exclusively available to Night of Joy guests, or if access will be during regular park hours. Disney will be providing transportation between the concert venues at Wide World of Sports and the Magic Kingdom.

ESPN Wide World of Sports complex provides a number of venues both indoors and outdoors that will be more flexible during inclement weather. It will also help Magic Kingdom operations with the difficulty of hosting the event in the park.

Night of Joy is an annual Christian music event which takes place over two nights. The 2015 event was a sell out on both nights.

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mandstaftSep 29, 2015

Sorry, they said nothing about race, only "troubled kids". You decided it was a race issue.

Miss HeinousSep 29, 2015

Just remember religion is a choice dear. Race isn't.

FigmentForver96Sep 29, 2015

im not going to argue with you it's like arguing at a wall. You are very welcome to your opinion and I will respect it, I simply wrote from experience. But this thread isn't about that it's about the logistics so I'm more then happy to get back on that now. :)

the.dreamfinderSep 29, 2015

Does WDW have rainbow merch and food like DL on gay days?

DisneyExpertSep 29, 2015

That was definitely not me lol.

asianwaySep 29, 2015

Gay day promoters have bought out Pleasure Island clubs, World Showplace & Typhoon Lagoon that I know of. Only difference is Disney doesn't sell the tickets

Tigger1988Sep 29, 2015

The person you quoted didn't say that...

SpaceMountain75Sep 29, 2015

Well said.

French QuarterSep 29, 2015

I know that you didn't necessarily mean it to sound that way but you essentially said that Christian teens likely weren't the problem but it was probably the poor non-Christian kids that are dragged here in an effort to "save" them that are at issue. This whole discussion is making me ugly.

DisneyExpertSep 29, 2015

I'm pretty sure I was just offering insight into why Disney may be trying to shift the main draw of the event (the concerts) away from the theme parks. The whole thing is an operations nightmare. I think the topic is quite relevant to the thread.

unkadugSep 29, 2015

Perhaps they should combine the two events Gay Days and Night Of Joy... It already sounds like a circuit party.

Tigger1988Sep 29, 2015

Red shirts are more offensive than kids trying to boink in the bushes and steal from the Emporium, I guess.

GrumpyFanSep 29, 2015

Can y'all just give it a rest on which kids are worst?

Miss HeinousSep 29, 2015

So you want to blame the kids that you took in off the street? That's racist.