Night of Joy sold out for Saturday night

Sep 03, 2015 in "Night of Joy"

The Magic Kingdom's Night of Joy is now sold out for Saturday September 12 2015.

Tickets remain available for Friday September 11 2015. Learn more about Night of Joy.

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Article Posted: Sep 03, 2015 / 1:50pm EDT
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EUmickeyJun 24, 2016

Didn't see a 2016 topic so: Does anyone expect the 2016 version to sell out at all? With the move to the ESPN complex there is more space I reckon so it shouldn't sell out at all, correct?? Any inside?

MaxsDadSep 09, 2015

I do not recall both nights selling out 2 years ago. GLad I got my Friday tickets last week!

Nick WildeSep 08, 2015

Oh boy. When was the last time NOJ didn't sell out?

GymLeaderPhilSep 08, 2015

Friday has sold out.

prberkSep 04, 2015

Lol. That was going to be my suggestion if you still wanted to avoid it. That or Daytona. At least the Drunk Tank, uh, er, the Food and Wine Festival, will not have started yet. Lol. Hope you have a good time, no matter where you go.

xdan0920Sep 04, 2015

I'm no longer going to USO on the 12th. Thanks for the heads up. I'll probably do Epcot on the 12th. Is there anything that sounds horrible happening there? lol

Nick WildeSep 04, 2015

Ah, yes I completely forgot about RTU. I think RTU would probably be worse, (if you believe teenagers=bad) as noted, since they usually lean more towards alternative genres, like Andy Mineo, FF5 or Red, which wouldn't attract many adults. I think the "rowdy behavior" many people were reporting was the fact that there was no shame, from anyone. The atmosphere made it feel like you could turn and say "What's up?" to the person next to you without any awkwardness at all, which is very unusual and most would find it very uncomfortable. People like to live in their own little bubble and avoid human interaction, which I think is sad, IMO.

prberkSep 04, 2015

Umm, sorry to disappoint, but if you are going to Universal Studios Orlando on the 12th, you are not avoiding. They do the same thing on the 11th and 12th, and usually market it a little more toward the rock side on purpose (targeting teenagers more as usual). Their event is called "Rock the Universe," and is marketed as "Florida's biggest Christian music festival." It is advertised as being from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. with a "Youth Leader Lounge" for youth leaders to get a respite from the groups they are chaperoning. And as @Nick Wilde has noted for himself, and as I posted above, it seemed nice and manageable from a guest standpoint when I went two years ago. I am sure there were some problems in the background, but overall I found the crowds (yes, even in the Space Mountain and Big Thunder switchbacks) to be fun and positive. They were mostly high-fiving one another and laughing and smiling, but yes mostly youth groups and their leaders.

Nick WildeSep 04, 2015

Most of them are supervised, but as stated before, they aren't required to be supervised which makes a few bad apple groups which casts a bad light on everyone going. During the day, there's not near as many unsupervised groups, but during the event, yes, of course there's going to be some trouble. I just hate that people take those few examples and say that everyone going to the event is "brain-dead".

xdan0920Sep 04, 2015

Unsupervised teens = bad behavior. I don't need specific examples to know I'm better off avoiding.

Nick WildeSep 04, 2015

It really isn't. I've been twice, and didn't see any of the "horrible things" that some people claim. And most of the people giving it a bad rep are like you, they've never been, but they heard from someone on here that it's bad, and they just accept it and pass it on. I really still haven't heard any examples of bad behavior.

xdan0920Sep 04, 2015

So happy I decided to go to USO on the 12th. This sounds a nightmare.

GymLeaderPhilSep 04, 2015

They remove pretty much anything that is freestanding and not bolted down for Night of Joy and Grad Nights at DLR like this now for safety. It is by far the worst time to be working at the park followed by New Year's Eve after they give out all the noise makers. Grad Nights, at least in my experience, was pleasant as they used a TSA-style entrance complete with clear bags for belongings only and a pat down. This was coupled with School specific punishment for trouble. With Night of Joy, you have no repercussions (short of divine intervention) and the ratio of child to adult is a lot larger. And the reason why many of the park attractions close is also safety related.