Shockingly low wait times at Walt Disney World theme parks on July 4

Jul 04, 2023 in "Fourth of July at Walt Disney World"

Posted: Tuesday July 4, 2023 4:29pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Guests celebrating the Fourth of July at Walt Disney World are seeing surprisingly short wait times across all four theme parks today.

As of mid-afternoon, and after park hopping became available to guests, the longest wait was at Frozen Ever After in EPCOT, at 90 minutes. Most rides have a 30-minute wait, including Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, Slinky Dog Dash, Big Thunder Mountain, and Mission: SPACE. Only four attractions have waits in excess of 60 minutes.

Many attractions have wait times of less than 20 minutes, including Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run, Soarin', Expedition Everest, and Tower of Terror.

Two shockingly low wait times are at Disney's Hollywood Studios, with Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway at 5 minutes, and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at just 20 minutes.

Possibly explaining the low crowds at Disney's Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios is the lack of fireworks tonight. Guests will likely spend the day at either EPCOT or Magic Kingdom, with both parks offering special fireworks shows for July 4. However, wait times at both of those parks a significantly below the usual Fourth of July levels which have typically seen waits in excess of 3 hours at popular rides.

Disney executives have previously expressed concern about summer attendance, and if today's wait times are an indication of a new normal, this July may be a great time to visit.

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Lilofan1 hour ago

Fyi - With the heat index, was 105 for a week in July when we were there last year. Were you ?

Epcot81Fan1 hour ago

Honest question - do you really believe you just said something that every person over the age of 5 does not already know?

HauntedPirate1 hour ago

No more than normal, because 100F for a high is pretty rare for Orlando. Unless those pesky official weather records are wrong. But please continue to regale everyone with your weather knowledge and forecasting expertise.

Lilofan2 hours ago

The price to pay to live in the Great White North but we love visiting ethnic foodie Toronto and Vancouver only in the summertime never in winter.

peter114354 hours ago


Nubs704 hours ago

If someone pukes on a ride or a or a ride is operating at reduced capacity for whatever reason, the number of seats per unit time decreases (denominator decrease), the wait time will automatically increase. If the queue increases during period of reduced thruput, the wait time.will increase at a greater rate as the numerator is increasing at the same time the decreasing

JoeCamel6 hours ago

The one difference is they didn't charge for access in the past but now there is an incentive to overstate the waits no matter the cause, understanding why they do it is not the point it is that now they charge and still provide junk info for the "guest" to make a decision in a scenario where the only party providing info is also profiting by providing inflated info. Too many first hand reports of long waits advertised while reality is reasonable waits. In the past we wrote it off to poor systems but now there is a cost/profit motive that wasn't there in the past.

Sirwalterraleigh6 hours ago

But when did people book those 2023 rooms? Was my point. The lead time is typically 12-18 months. Not all of them…but the bulk. So by 2022 they would have known attendance would be on the decline for 2023… And it was. By their own admission in quarterlies. And did you just compare Disney hotels to the rest of the country? That’s not the standard. Those rooms must be occupied to feed their own internal profit engine. That’s why a dip is catastrophic

Disone6 hours ago

I can't speak specifically to 2022 but A source let me in on fiscal 2023 's annual occupancy. In 2023 they claim they had over 9 million room nights on property in a Disney owned room. This is a 90% occupancy. Ps I did want to check this math. So I went to touring plan site. seems as though Walt Disney World, including the campsites and the villas, has a bit over 28000 hotel rooms. 28000 room x 90% 25200 room per night 25200 rooms sold per day x 365 days = 9,198,000 room sold. According to Google the national occupancy rate is about 66%, so. Even if you fudge this number a little bit. They are way above the national average. I interested to see how soft 2024 is going to be in regards to number of rooms sell. 2023 benefited by still riding a wave of revenge travel while having the highest amount of rooms available post covid shut down. The question is how much lower will 2024 be and will it trigger all sorts of fun discounts.

peter114356 hours ago

Time between vehicles is rarely constant and can vary wildly at some attractions. Attractions like POTC and FEA do not dispatch at constant intervals. Attractions like HM and SSE stop and slow at random times for random lengths to accommodate guests. Some attractions have numbers of vehicles that may fluctuate during operation. Filling all seats is always a goal but for many attractions an operational impossibility. Largely dictated by party sizes. Many of you want to ignore numerous operational variables that have huge impacts on attraction wait times. This isn’t roller coaster tycoon. These are real machines, operated by real people, carrying real guests. Guest gets sick in a guardians vehicle and boom, you’re suddenly operating at reduced capacity for a period of time. And again that pesky problem of standby being the smallest source of attraction throughput.

Sirwalterraleigh7 hours ago

They’re already discounting and their attendance went into the tank on their forecasts no LATER than 2022… But yet…nothing… I get the idea that the blessed fastpass from the crapper months in advance was great… …but from a numbers point it did not work well…and now they charge for it. Deal breaker. There will be some form of that coming…and nothing is “impossible”…but it’s gonna be paid. Not likely to get you to book a room at port orleans. It’s more like you get it if you buy 150 dvc points 🤪

Disone7 hours ago

Well according to some the occupancy is very low. If that is so then it's not so matter of fact that they have zero desire to incentivize bookings. Disney has definitely discounted before and if push comes to shove they will discount again. His speculation here is they may want to incentivize using LL either in lieu of or in addition to the discounting. And given the amount of people here who are very authoritatively stated that occupancy is down ..... I honestly do not think that is an unreasonable speculation

Sirwalterraleigh7 hours ago

Just the pattern for 5 years…what are you seeing?

Nubs707 hours ago

At any point a position indicator is tripped by vehicle 1, the time the between the same indicator by vehicle #2 defines how many seats per minute at which the attraction is operating. If not all seats are occupied, that is a operational protocol issue. Once wait time reaches 20 minutes, all seats should be occupied.