Fourth of July Wait Times Remain Low at Walt Disney World for Second Year in a Row

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Posted: Thursday July 4, 2024 11:04am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

For the second consecutive year, Walt Disney World's Fourth of July has seen relatively low crowds and wait times at the theme parks.

Traditionally, the Fourth of July is one of Walt Disney World's busiest days, with large crowds flocking to the parks to enjoy the holiday and the park's spectacular fireworks shows.

For July 4, 2024, as of 10:45 am, most attractions have wait times below an hour, with no attractions above 100 minutes. This is in stark contrast to previous years, where we have seen waits of 3 to 4 fours for headline attractions by midday and parks closing due to reaching capacity.

At Disney's Hollywood Studios, Star Wars Rise of the Resistance had a wait of just 30 minutes, and Tower of Terror had a wait of 20 minutes. The Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom was almost a walk-on, with a wait of just 10 minutes. Over at Disney's Animal Kingdom, Dinosaur and Expedition Everest both had minimal waits of 10 minutes.

In addition to short wait times, tickets remain available at all four parks today, and reservations are available resort-wide for Annual Passholders.

Low waits this year are not as surprising as they were in 2023, which was the first year that we saw drastically lower attendance on July 4. The summer has been quiet by Disney World standards despite heavy discounts at the resort hotels, promotional ticket offers, and the opening of Tiana's Bayou Adventure,

This trend raises questions about the factors influencing attendance this summer. Whether it's changing travel patterns, economic considerations, or other variables, it remains to be seen if this is an anomaly or the beginning of a new trend for summer visits to Walt Disney World.

If today's wait times are any indication of a new normal, July might just be shaping up to be one of the better times for guests to visit Walt Disney World despite the hot weather.

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RoyWalley11 days ago

Wow, what a fantastic picture, thanks for sharing it.

Disone11 days ago

Yeah that guy's a real tool. I don't now what his problem is either. 🤔 ;)

TrainsOfDisney11 days ago

Where did you end up going for dinner and fireworks? I hope it worked out well for you. People on this site get really upset when i criticize Disney security but at WDW they often seem to make up their own rules with no rhyme or reason - obviously management allows it. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was TTC security going way over the top and they were initially told to just discourage guests by saying “all viewing areas are closed except for resort guests.” I think fully closing resorts is overboard - it’s going to be crowded no matter what - reserve some viewing spots for resort guests if you want and call it a day.

YodaMan11 days ago

Not sure why the OP is so insistent on being adamant in his stance. Parked at the TTC on the 4th and tried to use the pedestrian path to go to the Poly around 6ish (even had a mobile order for Kona) and security was blocking entrances and wouldn’t let us in. We were told the resort was hard-closed to anyone that didn’t have a room and said we’d have to cancel our mobile order. Only kind of overheard the party trying to go in after us but sounds like they had a dining reservation and they weren’t being allowed in either. Maybe the security guards weren’t supposed to be so strict? Maybe something was miscommunicated? But we definitely were not being allowed to enter the Poly on foot from the TTC.

SoFloMagic11 days ago

The show was great. Including "lift every voice and sing", jfk, mlk was beautiful. They just needed to put a ww3 barge out there and have the final 20 seconds over the lake

Ayla12 days ago

That fireworks ending seems like a hot mess and honestly, looks and sounds like a major malfunction at the end. I can't honestly believe that is how it was designed to end.

TimeTrip12 days ago

FWIW, the luminous hardware lends itself really well to ambient lighting especially on the 4th. That plus the MK fireworks hitting in the background.. you might say it was magical...

davis_unoxx12 days ago

Yep there was Disney security officer right on pathway past the first tiki torches asking for last names and room numbers. I turned around and just got on monorail to MK

MisterPenguin12 days ago

I was at the Epcot fireworks on the 4th. Found a good spot between UK and Millennium where I could see the barges and in between trees so I can see the higher-launched fireworks. Saw the first half of the Independence Day tag on the lagoon. But, I didn't know the second half was going to be over the AA Pavilion. And a tree blocked it all. Sorta like this...

Disone12 days ago

I have confirmed with one blogger, mouse steps, that fort wilderness was not locked down July 4th. They took the bus from Epcot to fort wilderness and absolutely no issues getting into the camp ground And recording the parade. Thank you for the super civil way to end your post. Just to agree to disagree. I do appreciate your hospitality on that. You rock.

DisneyFanatic1212 days ago

I was a resort guest at Fort Wilderness, so I can’t say if it was or was not closed. However, I know that it was completely closed off to day guests for the Halloween parade and beach blast in 2023. Sadly, I guess I never took any photos of the checkpoints, which is sort of surprising. However, there were two (obviously deployed, both had different costumes) CMs with iPads scanning at the dock at MK. Additionally, there was one CM scanning at the Contemporary boat dock. We took the resort boat, and they made sure every last one of us that hadn’t been confirmed to be a FW resort guest got off at Wilderness Lodge. They had a CM with an iPad at the Wilderness Lodge boat dock as well. They would radio a description of the guests that weren’t FW guests, just in case someone was trying to sneak in. Also to be noted, I know that there were CMs with iPads at the bus stop at MK, and I believe one of my family members said there was one at Epcot as well (though I wouldn’t trust that as much since I didn’t personally see it). Impenetrable? Absolutely not. But they clearly did not want people there and there were plenty of deployed CMs with iPads to keep it that way. I don’t know the exact process they did if you didn’t have MDE, a room key, or a magic band, but they were giving someone a lot of grief at the Contemporary boat dock since his name was not on the reservation. Didn’t see how it played out though, we got on the boat to Wilderness Lodge before the conclusion of that interaction. But I don’t think that July 4th was that locked down. It was really busy, but the parade had no where near the crowd of the 2023 Halloween parade. Anyways, hope you have a great day, and if all else fails, we’ll agree to disagree!

Disone12 days ago

Heard and thank you. I will just have to leave it at this. It's not whether I've seen it it's whether anyone, including and perhaps most especially the Disney lifestylers and vloggers, has seen it and posted about their experience being blocked out of a resort using resort transportation. I'll leave it at that and bow out now.

TrainsOfDisney12 days ago

I don’t think you are lying, but just because you haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean other guests have. They typically roll out phased closings and are only trying to deter guests at certain times. I’ve never not gotten into MK on New Year’s Eve, you just have to know the routes to take during various phased closings.

Disone12 days ago

It's not that. I'm just interested in providing accurate information and this rumor comes out every year. Every year. It's just not true. You'll never find a YouTube video or a picture on the internet of security scanning magic bands or iPhones for proof of resort ID to get on any resort transportation or walk to a resort from the Magic Kingdom. It's 2024. If they did it the pictures and the videos would definitely be readily available on the internet. I too have seen them close a portion of the Polynesian Beach. The Polynesian itself has always been open. You may continue to think that I'm the liar should you choose to do so.