Magic Kingdom is now completely sold out for the Fourth of July

Jul 03, 2023 in "Fourth of July at Walt Disney World"

Posted: Monday July 3, 2023 7:51am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Magic Kingdom is now at capacity for all ticket types on the Fourth of July at Walt Disney World.

The latest Disney Park Pass reservation calendar shows July 4 2023 as unavailable for all types of ticket, including Annual Passes, single/multi-day tickets, and Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests.

Park reservations remain available for all other Walt Disney World theme parks for any ticket type.

If you want to visit Magic Kingdom on July 4, but do not have a reservation, you may be able to park hop at 2pm subjcet to availability. You can also see the same July 4 firework show on July 3.

View all July 4 offerings at Walt Disney World.

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wtyy21Jul 06, 2023

Meanwhile, at the unrelated park in Anaheim (Disneyland), their 4th of July firework show (still use same theme as MK) saw all of their castle pyro elements removed, worse than MK perimeter firework cut.

WorldExplorerJul 05, 2023

That was awesome.

vikescaperJul 05, 2023

People have asked me why I go to EPCOT on the 4th instead of MK and I always say because of the tag’s finale.

CompedJul 05, 2023

That last minute or so, when they let off what must be a million worth of fireworks essentially at once... I'm surprisingly impressed.

Andrew25Jul 05, 2023

It's always been a thing, almost every single night during HEA. It's a decent view if you only care about the high pyro

jrhwdwJul 05, 2023

When is World Celebration really supposed to open?????

TTA94Jul 05, 2023

Next year should be better, hopefully. Maybe MK will have a nighttime parade again and Epcot will have the new show plus of course all the walls will be down so it’ll be easier to exit the park after the big event shows. Well, this coming NYE should have both of those for Epcot.

iMaxJul 05, 2023

Were you impressed?

jrhwdwJul 05, 2023

First time I've heard this..... Interesting...

DobergeJul 05, 2023

First time in a park on a big show date and didn't realize there are taped off spots for viewing *in the bypass*. This was at least on the east / Tomorrowland side. A CM said it's actually a pretty good view. I'm dubious but will try it out another time.

jrhwdwJul 05, 2023

Not counting New MK Prim. Or No Fountians or Lagoon Lights in WSL.............

gerararJul 05, 2023

I wouldn't say that about MK. If anything, it's decreased since 2019. Reasons explained above.

jrhwdwJul 05, 2023

LOL!!! Not sure I could handle it if I was there live! Thank Goodness for YT! Although, Epcot's 30th scared me a little even on YT! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

vikescaperJul 05, 2023

EPCOT’s Fourth of July tag always makes me smile….and my eardrums bleed.🤣