Dates set for filming the 2018 ABC Holiday Specials at Walt Disney World

Oct 17, 2018 in "Holidays at the Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Wednesday October 17, 2018 4:31pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Filming for the 2018 ABC Holiday Specials will take place this year November 7 - 11. (Dates subject to change)

Following on from the previous year's new format, there will be multiple shows, set to air throughout the holiday season, in November and December. Airing dates are still to be announced.

Like last year, no parade will be filmed at Walt Disney World, but stage show performances including musical acts will be filmed in Florida. The parade will be filmed at Disneyland Resort in California.

Tickets will not be made available to guests, with Cast Members filling in the audience as extras. It may be possible to see parts of the filming from guest areas however.

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SukaVayne33Dec 01, 2018

Well I was there, hubby works there and wish I could show ya a pic but no photography or videos allowed. But, it was fun and reason I think he got to be there and take me, was because of one of his friends in either PR or marketing said he could bring me, was because I recently had my last chemotherapy and am now cancer free. So, maybe that's why since he is a rent a cop, LOL security I was able to go. EDIT: I am talking about the recent special on ABC that I went too, Sorry if I was unclear, but that's what I went too.

JohnDNov 30, 2018

You're not kidding. Watching it now. I thought the interview would never end. Not to mention that version of Santa Baby. I feel dirty watching it. About the only wholesome and actually good part was the duet of the Father / Son Boccelli's.

HauntedPirateNov 30, 2018

D'oh! Forgot about that change...

donsullivanNov 30, 2018

In recent years, the parade portion of the Christmas morning show has been shot at Disneyland only. Walt Disney World is used for many/most of the live musical performances.

JohnDNov 30, 2018

If you can't wait to watch it again, you can watch it here: Just click your TV provider and enter login info.

Almac97Nov 30, 2018

It was cringeworthy. I know there's a script and all, but the girl from Modern Family and the guy from (???) completely overemphasized and over-acted every line. We couldn't get through that, so we decided to come back to it... only to be greeted with about 1,000 Gwen Stefani upskirt shots. Hey, I'm a 35yr old male. Maybe Disney was giving a little holiday present for select adul... nah I can't even joke about it, it was that bad. That was a SHORT skirt, and the constant need to go to the cameraman below stage level made it almost seem intentional. Then they had to interview Gwen for 10 minutes. What was wrong with the elaborate parade and surprise appearance from Santa formula?

larryzNov 30, 2018

I'm guessing she's married to a CM...

wendysueNov 30, 2018

I watched part of a special last night, but turned it off. Same old entertainment. nothing new

HauntedPirateNov 30, 2018

Unfortunately, they tape the Christmas Parade in early November, and guests are no longer allowed to view or be present at the tapings. It's Cast Members who now make up any crowds you see in the broadcast.

SukaVayne33Nov 30, 2018

I actually got to be lucky and go with the hubby this year at MK, last year we did AK, its fun, and watching it now trying to see if we can be seen. I hope they have the Disney Christmas Parade, how hard is it to get tickets for that, I am sure its hard, but would like to take my friends mom from Staten Island, especially since we both had our last Chemo on the same day, and she is coming to Orlando to see me during the holidays.

JohnDNov 30, 2018

It just aired.

JohnDNov 30, 2018

Watching the special now. Seeing the Father/Son Bocellis is enough for me.

SteamboatJoeNov 08, 2018

Santa Baby is worse IMHO.

MisterPenguinNov 08, 2018

The 'feminist' interpretation of the song comes from a much later time and such an interpretation doesn't provide any evidence that that is indeed what is happening in the song. The best evidence is to go back to the Loessers who originally wrote and performed the song. In the libretto, they named to two parts 'mouse' and 'wolf.' It was eminently clear what is happening. Sure, 'mouse' is tempted, but 'mouse' also has doubts. Doubts that 'wolf' is wolfishly bulldozing over. Sometimes is a cigar is just a cigar. And someone is pressuring someone else to smoke it.