'Frozen' characters to appear during the holiday season at the Magic Kingdom

Sep 12, 2014 in "Holidays at the Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Friday September 12, 2014 1:37pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today confirmed that the characters from 'Frozen' will be appearing during the holiday season at the Magic Kingdom.

Cinderella's Holiday Wish, which features the Castle Dream Lights, will be replaced with a 'Frozen' lighting ceremony, featuring the characters from 'Frozen.' Queen Elsa will use her powers to transform Cinderella Castle into an ice palace,

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party will feature Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf in “Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade.”

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FigmentsFangirlSep 20, 2014

As much as I'd kill to see Arendelle as it is in the movie, I agree; they gotta make a star wars park first. Then after that opens, THEN they can worry about making a Frozen only park.

LAKid53Sep 19, 2014

Sarcasm, right? If Disney is going to open a 5th gate, I would rather the money be used for a Star Wars land - will appeal to more people.

mnelson3Sep 19, 2014

Can anyone confirm if they will be expanding the castle lights this year onto the trees? maybe even Main Street?

dvitaliSep 16, 2014

if DHS lose the Osborne Light for several years due to the makeover of the park, the Dancing Light can be move over to MK and decorate Main Street. Have Elsa powers go out of controls and ice the trees and main street away from Cinderella Castle. Have the Light magicaly dance to the holiday music just like the Castle change colors. Give Elsa credit making it cold enough to make it snow on Main Street. Add the parade and fireworks to make MVMCP extra special.

dvitaliSep 16, 2014

I would keep the orginal show with Fairy Godmother and the Castle then have Elsa appear and freeze the trees and Main Street USA This way it can explain the lack of overhead garlands this year. And we can give Elsa credit in making it cold enough to make it snow on Main Street USA. (Wonder how much time and COST it would be to ice Main Street)?

rdoncseczSep 15, 2014

vomits uncontrollably

jensenrickSep 15, 2014

YEAH! So exciting!

TheRabbitSep 14, 2014

How about a whole FROZEN park! It could be the 5th park, Frozen everything! lol

FigmentsFangirlSep 14, 2014

The beef was to die for! Mouth watering; better than the Braised Pork at Be Our Guest

Magenta PantherSep 14, 2014

(wistfully) Was it nice?

DVCPlutoSep 13, 2014

It's just crazy all the "extras" that Disney is throwing out there. What's even crazier, is that in addition to the cost of a park ticket or special party, that guests are willing to dish out the extra cash! If everyone just stopped paying for these high priced, hard ticket events, Disney would do them for free to fill the parks.

FigmentsFangirlSep 13, 2014

You actually made me break down laughing :) However I too look forwards to such announcement, even if its just for the holiday season, I'd love to get a M&G with Olaf {Or Oaken..... dead serious here btw}

LAKid53Sep 13, 2014

Well, considering how just about any discussion regarding that movie and those characters can generate some pretty lively conversation, I thought it might be time to inject some humor. That said, I'm waiting for the announcement of a special M&G during MVMCP. And the announcement that it sold out within 15 minutes of being announced , no matter the price.

FigmentsFangirlSep 13, 2014

This thread just got silly :hilarious: