PHOTOS - Holiday decor now on display at EPCOT

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2020 Epcot International Festival of the Holidays decor

EPCOT is now decorated for the holidays ahead of the official start of a 'Taste of EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays' on November 27 2020.

The park is a little less decked-out this year due to the vast number of construction walls in Future World, and no stages setup for the holiday storytellers.

However, World Showcase remains decorated, including the tree at the American Adventure pavilion.

Click the gallery to see more photos from the 2020 EPCOT Christmas Holiday decor.

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Article Posted: Nov 17, 2020 / 11:51am ET
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mnelson319 hours ago

I know the music for the Mickey and Friends Cavalcade is from DCA, which was from I believe TDS at one point lol. Is the DCA/Epcot version around? 🙂

JohnD22 hours ago

Some things being swtiched up for COVID aren't all that bad. Like moving Mariachi Cobre and Voices of Liberty to America's Gardens Theater. They get a larger platform (i.e. more exposure) to perform. Guests can properly spread out to enjoy the entertainment.

JohnD23 hours ago

I prefer the cavalcades. Great way to see the characters randomly around the parks without awkwardly saying "hi" to them. M&Gs are not my style. A fresh mix of both would be ideal. Families/groups of people can do the M&Gs. I'm content just watching them go by in the cavalcade.

SoFloMagic1 day ago


scpergj1 day ago

Well, the Trackers act exactly the same....give them well intentioned advice and you are blocked from any commenting. Those are NOT good people.

jkh366191 day ago

no no. Its cool. I just clicked on your posts and just yesterday you called someone crazy and some other people dumb. Just find it funny your calling someone else out.

Disney Analyst1 day ago

If you honestly feel I am mean spirited, or insulting, which I don't think I am... I try to engage in debate and share my opinions, but if you truly feel I am that way, I welcome you to DM me and I am happy to discuss that and how I can improve myself and how I speak on these forums. But this is not truly the place for that discussion.

jkh366191 day ago

Lol. Have you read your postings on the political forum? You should follow your own advice.

Disney Analyst1 day ago

You seem a lovely person. Important to remember we all have different perspectives and opinions. I personally enjoy their videos, and respect how they tour the parks these days. And in the end, they are fellow humans, so perhaps find some kindness in your approach instead of putting this negativity out into the world. ❤️

TrainChasers2 days ago

Kinda like they do at MK on a regular basis for move it shake it and trolley show? It’s sad that we are hoping that the cavalcade last in parks that used to have daily parades. :(

scpergj2 days ago

Good? The Tim Tracker is the worst of the vloggers. Their editing sucks, they won’t ride anything indoors or go to restaurants. they order food, carry it to some hidden corner where Covid can’t find them, then complain that the food is cold, warm, not good, whatever. Those two are fools.

Disney Analyst2 days ago

In case you want a good tour of the event: Lots of fun it seems, busy.

Giss Neric3 days ago

Normal state would mean normal crowds. It would be hard to tell guests walking on both directions to move for a cavalcade, especially if these are still surprised and unscheduled ones.

mnelson33 days ago

Was wondering where those were from! Those songs floating around anywhere? :-)