Figment and Encanto Medals revealed for 2023 Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend

Jul 13, 2023 in "Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend"

Posted: Thursday July 13, 2023 10:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

runDisney has revealed the finisher medals for the sold-out 2023 Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend taking place November 2 - 5 at Walt Disney World.

The Disney Wine and Dine 5K is a spinning pocket watch-inspired finisher medal from Alice in Wonderland.

The Disney Wine & Dine 10K medal features Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Chip, and Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast.

The Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon medal includes characters from Encanto.

Finally, the Disney Two Course Challenge medal features Figment and a working light bulb.

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Demarke24 days ago

I liked the course pretty well. I would’ve liked it more if they could’ve incorporated a detour through Animal Kingdom or actually through Blizzard Beach (like they did a few marathons ago); however, for a two park route, I did really enjoy it. Initially, I was a little leery of them front-loading the park time, but I think that gave everybody a chance to get most of their in-park run photos on a little fresher legs. I agree with you on the downhill portion being well placed and having long straightaways during the second half helped with keeping a steady pace. I loved jogging by Blizzard Beach in a situation that wasn’t mile 19-20 in a 90 degree heat, “this race will never end” slog, for a change!!

surfsupdon24 days ago

@Demarke The weather was perfection! Did you like the course?? The out to Blizzard was all downhill so I loved that!!! Congrats on your Disney PR! That is huge!!! I wish I had mine but I didn’t. As great as I felt, it was just not my fastest.

LAKid5324 days ago

The laugh is for the logo modification on the shirt. Yeah, sooooo glad to not have that 2 mile track to the starting corrals.

Demarke24 days ago

Hate to have missed you! Next time maybe we can put together a little DM thread so those that want to do a meet up can coordinate :) So glad that you were able to put it to use and had a great time! I made it to Myrtle Beach just in time to check in, take another shower, and make it to see the great Dale Murphy give the conference key note speech 5-6PM Sunday (and was able to get a pic and autograph before taking clients out to a late dinner)! Also - I'm impressed, you got a "Merry Christmas, Don" before the race and a song after!! :D As for my race reports: 10K - I felt pretty good, but was a little slow, likely due to a full day at the parks and then a complete Olive Garden meal (including cheese sticks app) to myself the night before. Since I was barely able to do 2 miles before a walk break in my September 5K and barely doing 4 miles before a walk break in my mid-October Half, I was hoping to 1) jog the whole 6.2, and 2) finish under an hour. I accomplished the first goal, missed the hour mark by about 15 seconds, probably could have hit it if I was more careful about running efficient tangents. But I did get done just in time to see the fireworks go off for the very last start wave. Also for anyone in B or later, I was the guy at the beginning of the B start waves that they were asking from the stage how tall I was (extending my streak of race weekends with at least one race shout-out-from-the-stage to 3! 😂) Half- Got my Disney PR for an onsite Half! I rested most of the day after the 10K and ate a bit smarter, so I was just hoping to add to my stamina/mileage before any walk breaks (target was 7-8 miles) and finish under 2:20:00 or 2:25:00. I made it a little past mile marker 8 before taking a quarter mile or so walk break. I wasn't paying close attention to the timer on my watch and just figured I'd go at whatever pace I could on the way in. Just before mile marker 12, I had stopped at a bench to retie my shoes after one had come loose (I couldn't bend all the way down to do it and be confident I could get back up 😁), then turned the bend and saw the timer at Mile 12 said 2:09:45. My initial thought was "If I book it, I should be able to beat my 2:20 target." Then, with about half a mile left, I realized, "Wait, I started about 4 minutes after the clock started, maybe I can beat 2:15!" I ran as best I could the rest of the way and finished about 20 seconds under the 2:15:00 mark (chip time). So, I'm very happy not to have to worry about half marathon proof of times for another two years, haha! Weather - My word! I don't think we could have asked for better weather! Cool, but not too cold and with a bit of breeze. Corrals - That was interesting what they did with B/E on the Half day, but I'd say it's better than the alternative of setting up a mile away along the road like they do for Marathon Weekend! The Assholder - I wore my old Passholder t-shirt that I wore for my first ever Disney half (Star Wars 2019) since I didn't come up with any costume ideas for this weekend. I swear that I didn't intentionally try to recreate the pics from 2019, but in reviewing my post-race "I Did It!" picture, it happened again. Lord only knows how long I was walking around with that ribbon draped just perfectly 😂

surfsupdon27 days ago

I think it was just to reinforce the message of if you are not here on time, the race will not wait. You’ll be in the next corral. From my ch’Ear squad, the new set up was far superior to the years before. That’s some good feedback!

Rteetz27 days ago

A-D walked around behind the reunion lot stage and loaded into the corral area a different way. E was held in the reunion lot until A-D loaded. Once B cleared like you said E was loaded into there.

Rteetz27 days ago

A for this style race set up loads right in the chute. So it has to close in order for other corrals to move forward.

LAKid5327 days ago

Do you know why runDisney made this change? Never thought this was an issue, outside of corral jumpers.

DznyGrlSD27 days ago

Once A closes you have to go into B (or whatever is open).

LAKid5327 days ago

That's interesting. I noticed several A bibs at the end of the B bibs lining up at the starting line.

DznyGrlSD27 days ago

From what I understand (I was not there Sunday): When corral B closed it became corral E so they had to HOLD all of corral E runners before bib check? I guess it was "a thing" ?

LAKid5328 days ago

Thought it seemed bigger. I was in the 3rd wave of Corral B and it seemed the fireworks kept going off for another 40 minutes.

Rteetz28 days ago

Yes there was but the 10K is a smaller race so less people per corral. The corrals for the half were very large. This was actually the largest Wine & Dine Half Marathon ever in terms of finishers.

Rose&Crown28 days ago

I was in B and felt horrible for the people in E. Still hate the portion between studios and Epcot because of how narrow it gets. Fun weekend overall though! Hope everyone had a blast