runDisney Announces Policy Change: No complimentary park tickets for 2023 Wine and Dine volunteers

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Posted: Wednesday September 6, 2023 2:45pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Registration has opened for volunteer positions at the 2023 Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend at Walt Disney World in early November, with a significant change in benefits to the people who make it possible.

runDisney will not offer complimentary theme park tickets for volunteers.

Below is the note that Disney presents to volunteers on registration.

Thank you for considering volunteering your time during the upcoming RunDisney race season! Your passion for making a difference in the Central Florida community through our celebrated charities is truly valued. In keeping with that spirit of volunteerism, complimentary theme park tickets will not be distributed. We appreciate your support and enthusiasm for our magical running community.

Disney relies on volunteer staffing for runDisney events, which generate significant revenues for Walt Disney World through event fees, resort stays, park admission, merchandise, food & beverage, and more. Volunteers are expected to contribute to the success of the events without receiving any compensation, which some will no doubt see as unfair given the substantial amount of revenue generated by these events.

It remains to be seen if the policy change will impact the number of volunteers who register and if runDisney will have to pay Disney Cast Members to staff future events.

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DopeyRunner21 days ago

ehh I don’t have perfect in the username, so I could totally fake it 😂😂

EPCOT-O.G.22 days ago

Plus you’d have to change your username!

DopeyRunner23 days ago

If I wasn’t a perfect dopey, I’d probably take a few years break and run some of the world major races

MoonRakerSCM23 days ago

We were SO impressed with Disney runs back in the day when we started doing this idiotic hobby... but recent experiences have been less than stellar (compared to what it once was). We've been more impressed with mid level local runs around the country and have had great experiences at those for much less money... I'm getting my coast to coast in January... after that... we'll see if I'm doing any more Disney runs...

DopeyRunner23 days ago

There’s new leadership at runDisney?

EPCOT-O.G.24 days ago

New boss in charge too and he’ll likely want to show how he’s increased revenue/profits in this division.

DopeyRunner24 days ago

Have your run their races? 8-10 years ago they were really well run, with plenty of volunteers and race staff to keep them running very smoothly. Back then, their prices weren’t much more than other major city races and the quality could be justified. Fast forward to now, and their races are just overpriced (soon to be understaffed) medal sales now. It’s really quite sad.

Drdcm24 days ago

Why would you even want to volunteer for this if there is no perk? I volunteer a lot in multiple settings, but it’s always to help those in need be it food kitchens, free medical evals, improving the environment. This isn’t a “good cause”, it’s for a multibillion dollar corporation. They can eat crow and deal with all the angry runners who paid a ton of money to participate.

Drdcm24 days ago

Unrelated, but does Disney have to pay RCID for infrastructure use during these events? At least in races I’ve helped organize, we had to pay fees to the county/town for them if they weren’t for charity.

rdoncsecz25 days ago

PLEASE -- do not volunteer and support this behavior. Even if you weren't planning on using the ticket, this is ridiculous. They UPCHARGED THE EVENTS EVEN MORE than the previous year!

LAKid5325 days ago

If rD doesn't provide it with the registration fur the Half, then they'd better reduce the fee.

Disstevefan125 days ago

Whats this?

EPCOT-O.G.25 days ago

I have to wonder how long the free W&D after party ticket will last…

LAKid5325 days ago

Which means they'll increase race registration prices.