Disney surveys guests about new Disney Jollywood Nights character Ollie

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Disney Jollywood Nights opening night
Posted: Tuesday November 14, 2023 10:06am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

On the opening night of Disney Hollywood Nights, Disney introduced a new character, Ollie, the mascot for the ticketed event at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

While guests cannot meet Ollie at the event, the character appears on the park map, on the neon sign at the entrance to the park, and a 2D cutout near Hollywood Brown Derby.

Disney is asking guests who attended the event for their opinions on Ollie, including interest in merchandise and seeing more of him at a potential future Jollywood Nights.

Here are some of the Ollie questions from the Disney survey.

- Do you recall seeing this character, Ollie, during your visit to Disney Jollywood?

- Please indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the following statements about Ollie:

  • Ollie embodies the joyful spirit of the holidays
  • I would be interested in purchasing merchandise featuring Ollie
  • Special additions like Ollie are a big part of what makes Disney Jollywood Nights a unique event
  • I would be interested in seeing more of Ollie at a potential future Disney Jollywood Nights event
  • I have no interest in Ollie
  • I assumed that Ollie was featured at Disney's Hollywood Studios throughout the holiday season, not just at the event

Find out more about Disney Jollywood Nights, and see our review of opening night.

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Rhinocerous3 hours ago

Perhaps management is worried that if they start providing value for money, guests will come to expect it across all sectors of the business.

drew819 hours ago

Along with several other characters… Pinocchio unit, Alice unit, Hook/Smee, Robin Hood unit etc

wdwmagic10 hours ago

Who really should not be rare at all. How one cannot have Jiminy at MK in daily ops is beyond me.

asianway10 hours ago

They got rid of one of the only “rare” characters

mastromjm10 hours ago

Yes he was which was actually (don't judge) quite disappointing for me. Met Geppetto about three trillion times and this would have been my first Jiminy meet

drew8111 hours ago

Looks like Jiminy Cricket might have been pulled or swapped out with Geppetto.

mkt12 hours ago

And the check arrived. Apparently Paypal credit won't just dump it back into my paypal or checking account.

dizneycrazy0916 hours ago

A little late to the party, but I wanted to pop in and let everyone know that Disney is still giving refunds for the first Jollywood. I wrote a lengthy email a few days after attending, and it was resolved this past Friday. We didn’t even ask for a refund; we just asked that they “do the right thing.” A full refund for our three tickets was the leading offer.

WorldExplorer6 days ago

When they did the Earth week character meets this year, for whatever reason on the last day they had a single queue for the last appearance of the characters and when people entered they were told they'll meet Jiminy Cricket or Tinkerbell and Fawn, with no choice over which they got. Everyone in the line said "screw that" and did exactly what you describe. Someone found the first person waiting for the fairies, and she let all the people there for Jiminy jump in front of her. I still don't really understand why the attendants couldn't have done what the guests ended up doing. It definitely worked better than the alternative.

TheMaxRebo6 days ago

I watched one review video from night 2 and they said the CMs would tell them how long until the switch but not guarantee who they would meet

Doberge6 days ago

Would need to be conservative with estimates to not over estimate. Shoot for something like 5 minute wiggle room and and then have an attendant start at the front of the remaining queue to ask if any group wants to meet with X while he or she still has a more few minutes before needing to step away. Some folks truly don't care and it'd continue to cycle people through until needing to switch. It's not ideal and Disney really should just spring for extra CMs and at minimum keep pairs.

Thumper 326 days ago

Best of luck to the attendant trying to figure out which groups will take a normal amount of pictures and which have to do four different TikTok videos and get eight picture frames signed. Having to make that call 20+ minutes in advance, the only guarantee is that they’ll either over or under estimate, and then what?

Doberge6 days ago

The CMs had paddleboards with the meeting character's name, so another idea is to identify the cutoff group so everyone in front knows who they are meeting and then everyone after that group would be told they'd meet X, and then people entering at any time would know who they'll meet.

HauntedPirate6 days ago

Once MVMCP "sells out", what are the odds this begins following suit? Or at least Disney proclaims parties to be "sold out".