'Disney After Hours Boo Bash' officially listed as sold out for October 31

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Disney After Hours BOO BASH
Posted: Friday June 11, 2021 11:45am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has updated the website for the upcoming 'Disney After Hours Boo Bash' ticketed event at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom with new availability information.

Halloween night October 31 2021 is now officially listed as "Sold Out," with all other dates currently still available. This comes just a few days after tickets went on sale to Disney Resort hotel guests only. This means that non-resort hotel guests will not be able to book October 31 when general sales of tickets begins on June 15 2021. Interestingly Halloween itself is the most expensive of the season priced at $199.

Tickets for the three-hour Halloween event will go on sale June 15 and can be purchased online or by calling 407-939-4240. Guests of select Walt Disney World Resort hotels can book their tickets now. Tickets start at $129 – $139, plus tax for August/September nights and $159 – $169, plus tax for October nights, and $199, plus tax for Halloween. Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club Members can take advantage of a $10 discount for event nights in August and September.

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flynnibus10 minutes ago

Wierd... October visitors somehow now REALLY love After Hours events? Such an odd coincidence....

SoFloMagic59 minutes ago

Interesting thought. Have they announced theyre not running them daily for Halloween?

DCBaker16 hours ago

September 21st has sold out. Current sold out dates - August 10 September 21, 24 October 5, 8, 12, 15, 19, 26, 29, 31

MickeyCB19 hours ago

We'll be there the same night! Say hello if we pass in the night! 🀣 We'll be at BayLake 21st-27th.

Animaniac93-9819 hours ago

4 nights left in October (3 Sundays, 1 Friday). Disney will probably wait until the rest have sold out before announcing more.

DCBaker20 hours ago

October 26th has sold out. Current sold out dates - August 10th September 24th October 5th October 8th October 12th October 15th October 19th October 26th October 29th October 31st

Chi8422 hours ago

Caribbean Beach. I love Gran Destino. We went to Toledo pre-COVID and we were really impressed with both the restaurant and the Dahlia Lounge.

dreday322 hours ago

Gran Destino! 10/20 - 10/29. Us, and my brother and sister joining us a bit later. Where are you guys staying?

Chi8423 hours ago

We'll be there 10/21 to 10/28. Where are you staying?

Touchdown23 hours ago

I always spring for at least express, using stay and Scream to my advantage I can usually do 3-4 houses twice (once with express, once without) see the shows, do the rides, and experience the scare zones. Is it expensive? Yes it is considering I do multiple nights usually but I think it’s worth it.

dreday323 hours ago

We will just miss each other! We will be at 22nd party. At Disney to 29th.

Chi841 day ago

We were able to get tickets for Sunday October 24, and at the time the 22nd and 26th were still available. The 19th does seem like a weird day to sell out.

dreday31 day ago

The Friday before (29th) and Halloween are sold out. But Friday the 22nd, Sunday and Tuesday aren't sold out. But Tuesday the 19th is. It's a weird pattern that I'm hoping means the week we chose isn't going to be super crowded. πŸ˜‚

Animaniac93-981 day ago

I've done both MNSSHP and HHN and my two biggest problems with HHN are the long lines (or the high price you pay to avoid them) and the general tone of the event being more obnoxious than scary or fun. The quality of the actual houses is great. The cost and hassle of seeing them? Not so much.